Bed Bug Control


By now you've probably heard how incredibly challenging Bed Bugs are to eradicate.  There is no doubt that this pest is unlike any other and control has been historically difficult.  JP Pest Services has taken this pest very seriously and we have developed an extremely reliable, integrated control process utilizing the latest technology and research.  Our inspectors are trained and certified through BedBugCentral the worlds foremost Bed Bug training organization.  You can count on us to partner with you and solve this challenging problem.

The First Step to control is to positively identify the pest and determine the extent of the infestation.  This is particularly important in multifamily dwellings because Bed Bugs are highly mobile and will readily move from unit to unit.  Frequently, we use an independant K-9 Detection firm to give us an accurate and objective opinion as one of the criteria in determining the scope of service.

The Second Step is to develop the service plan with the client.  In this step we agree on how the work will be done, the scope of service and the cost of service.  We will also review any preparations that might need to be completed prior to service such as managing cluttered conditions that could impede control.

The Third Step is control.  The best current method is a combination of Thermal Remediation (Heat) and precise treatments with pest control materials specifically designed to control Bed Bugs.  With our sophisticated Thermal Remediation System we can precisely raise and hold temperatures above 120 degrees to immediately control the population of bugs in the space.

The Final Step is to confirm effectiveness through re-inspection,monitoring devices and client interviews. Multifamily dwellings should strongly consider an inexpensive, ongoing monitoring program.