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April 26, 2016

Pests that Pose Threats to Gardens

For established green thumbs and aspiring gardeners alike, nothing is worse than dedicating hours of your hard work to your home’s garden, only to have your efforts ruined by pests. Be it the work of rodents or harmful insects and bugs, having your garden ravaged by intrusive pests can be a bad start to the growing season. Here’s a short list of culprits to keep an eye out for as you start ramping up your garden for the spring.

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April 1, 2016

Understanding The Threat Of The Emerald Ash Borer

dangers of emerald ash borerThe emerald ash borer is a beetle that was discovered in The United States in 2002. These beetles may look pretty with their glittering emerald-green bodies, but their larvae critically damage ash trees. Scientists think that the emerald ash borers came to the United States on solid wood packing material transported in cargo ships originating in the beetles’ native Asia. Since then, this beetle has been responsible for killing hundreds of millions of ash trees in North America.

The adult beetle itself causes only minimal damage to the leaves of the ash tree; the larva of the emerald ash borer is what poses a threat. Larvae reside inside the trees and feed on its bark, destroying water and nutrient-conducting material the tree needs to survive. One-third to one-half of an ash tree’s branches may die within a year after these beetles infest a tree. The beetles multiply very quickly and are hard to spot beneath the bark of ash trees. The beetles spread when already-infested ash trees, logs, or firewood are moved into new nurseries.

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