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December 14, 2016

Don’t Let Pantry Pests Into Your Gingerbread House

Calling all holiday construction workers! It’s almost time for you and your family to put on your Santa hats and start building a gingerbread dream home. Every frosted job site in New England starts with the same foundational ingredients, and most homes already have them stocked in the pantry. Just like any other construction project, the best advice to follow is to measure twice! Baking is truly an artform, but even the most inexperienced bakers will notice these unwanted ingredients in their measuring cups.

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July 5, 2016

Squashing Multi-Family Pest Problems At The Source

There is no doubt that multi-family residences are especially prone to pest infestations. With multiple entry-points, a continuous cycle of move-ins and move-outs, and more room for error, multi-family homes run the risk of housing many unwanted tenants. The more pests start to feel at home, the more your tenants will start to look for another of their own.

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