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July 27, 2018

Bed Bugs and Pets: What To Know

Whether you’ve dealt with bed bugs in the past or simply hope to avoid them in the future, your options for keeping your own clothing, home, and belongings are well established. But does the same hold true for pets?

The last thing any pet owner wants to have to deal with is scrubbing bed bugs out of the fur of your furry friend - not to mention having to deal with bed bugs that have jumped off and made a home in your linens.

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April 28, 2016

Keep Your Pets Safe This Spring

After a long winter cooped up indoors, nothing beats being able to take your dog outside for a much-deserved walk, or letting your cat have the run of the yard on those lazy summer days. But the mild winter that spared us nor’easters and blizzards isn’t all good news. Pest populations of both animals and insects are expected to be out in force throughout the spring and summer, and that puts you and your pets at risk.

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