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Honey Bee

What’s All The Buzz About?

Honey bees are one of the most beneficial and recognizable insects in existence. Few people know that our local species (Apis melifera) were imported to North America by early European settlers. There were no native honey bees prior to colonization. The honey bee is a domesticated insect that has always been a vital contributor to the amazing agricultural production that we continue to experience here in the U.S.

Throughout early summer, it is not uncommon for a queen bee and her workers to venture out to find suitable places to start a new colony. This is known as a swarm and it can end up happening on or even inside a home or business, creating problems for the occupants.

Why Do We Care About Honey Bees’ Well-Being?

Honey bee benefits go far beyond their honey-producing capabilities; honey bees are vital for pollinating 1/3 of all fruit and vegetable crops in the U.S., and are a key component in supporting the world’s natural life cycle.

Unfortunately, honey bees are experiencing a population decline referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a syndrome that’s responsible for the rapid decline in population over the past few years. CCD has been documented for more than hundreds of years, but has escalated significantly in more recent times. The deaths of honey bees are from multiple causes, including poorly managed genetics, suspected agricultural practices, and an explosion of parasites, viruses, and infections. CCD has reportedly caused annual colony losses of up to 35% since 2007.*

JP Pest Services recognizes the importance of honey bees as well as the pest issues they can cause, which is why we offer live nest relocation services. Whenever possible, we partner with several local beekeepers to provide safe and effective nest relocation services.

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How We Keep Our Customers Happy While Keeping Honey Bees Safe:

  • Our professionally trained service technicians will first locate the nest on or within a structure.
  • Once the nest is located, the service technician carefully prepares the area of the structure, allowing the nest to be removed without harm. Often nests are located within walls or other areas of a structure that require minor carpentry work to ensure safe nest removal. JP Pest Services provides all necessary carpentry services to prepare the location for nest removal, as well as repairs in most cases.
  • Honey bees that are not inside the nest at the time of removal are safely removed from the honeycomb or surrounding areas using a soft suction device.
  • All remaining reusable honeycomb is incorporated back into the nest at the new location.
  • The service technician will finish the removal by sealing off and repairing the area.
  • The bees and nest are transported and relocated by one of our partnered local beekeepers.

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