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Mold — A Silent Destroyer In Homes And Businesses

Mold problems in homes and businesses often go undetected, resulting in odor problems, structural damage, and serious health risks.

Our Mold Control Program provides advanced treatment, remediation, and prevention against mold and black mold in residential and commercial structures. It can also be used during pre-construction and renovations of structures to prevent problems from ever surfacing.

JP Pest Services has professionally trained service technicians who specialize in mold control. Mold issues can be quite complex and require some building analysis to determine why mold is present. Sources of mold infestation can range from specific mechanical deficiencies to problems with ventilation, insulation, or the faults in the physical structure itself.

Exterior Inspection For Mold Control

  • Checking gutters, downspouts, and general site drainage systems to make sure they are effective
  • Checking soffit vents, gable vents, ridge vents and roof pitch – these areas provide proper attic ventilation, which is also important in making a structure less susceptible to ice dams and related mold and black mold issues.

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Interior Inspection For Mold Control

  • Addressing known areas of concern
  • Inspecting additional locations of a structure including attics, basement, bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, and around windows
  • Checking for any forms of excess moisture or humidity, especially in the basement and attic areas

Our Mold Control Process

  • Containment of affected areas as appropriate
  • Demolition if necessary based on the extent of damage
  • Use of HEPA filtered air scrubbers
  • Treatment of affected areas with the JP Pest Services Mold Control System Part A
  • Application of stain remover treatment if desired and specified within the scope of service agreement
  • Treatment of affected areas with the JP Pest Services Mold Control System Part B
  • Cleaning of all affected areas using a HEPA vacuum
  • Bio wiping and brushing of affected surfaces and areas
  • Humidity and moisture readings
  • Installation of professional de-humidification
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Our process is customized to each specific project but generally includes any or all of the above elements.

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