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Say Goodbye To Your Lawn

New England homeowners and business owners who have experienced mole problems know these tiny pests are capable of causing extensive property damage. Lawns and landscaping take the hardest hit due to the moles’ unsightly burrowing and tunneling behaviors.

What Are Moles?

A mole poking it's head out of a dirt hole in someones yard

Moles are small, furry creatures with small eyes and ears, and a long snout. They have large claws they use for digging tunnels in search of insects and ground crawlers to eat. They typically prefer to live underground in areas with soft and moist soil, but they can live in hard soil as well. You can tell if you have a mole problem if you see trails of dirt mounds tracking across your yard or multiple entry holes dug into the ground.

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Why Moles Love Your Property

These creatures typically feed on earthworms, ants, grubs and other arthropods. Most residential lawns and landscaping provide plentiful amounts of these food sources. If your property is in proximity to fields or your yard perimeter abuts a tree line, moles are more likely to tunnel and burrow across your property.

Getting Rid Of Moles

Different sources on the internet suggest methods of removing and preventing moles. However, many of these removal methods are painstaking and even inhumane, and the methods of prevention are basic and not effective if you already have a mole problem. The JP Pest Services Wildlife Control Department has proven and effective methods for controlling moles on both residential and commercial properties. Our professionally trained wildlife technicians will pinpoint current activity to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Learn More About Moles

Visit our pest library to learn about the most common type of mole found in New England.

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