Bob Amlaw Retires

It was with mixed emotions that we recently celebrated the retirement of Bob Amlaw, one of JP Pest Services longest standing team members. Friends, family, and co-workers gathered to celebrate Bob’s career, personal and professional accomplishments, and a few decades worth of memories!

Before embarking on a career in the pest management industry, Bob served four years in the United States Air Force. He also held positions with the Elliott Hospital and Standard Fruit before joining JP Pest Services in 1980 (known back then as JP Chemical Company).

During his 37 years with JP Pest Services, he proved to be an invaluable asset in various areas of the company. Initially, Bob was initially hired as a service professional, but later moved into a field service management role. During the last leg of his career with JP, Bob yet again showcased his versatility and joined the commercial sales team where he worked in a service and sales capacity.

Bob witnessed and went through substantial changes in our company over the past 37 years. As the pest management industry evolved, so did our business. Bob always met each change, evolution, and advancement with enthusiasm and professionalism.

“His employment folder was like an archaeological dig. There was a hand written note from my Dad dated from 1980” joked President, Joe Pestana during the celebration gathering. The note read: “Very impressive in a short span of time. Has potential to be an area service manager. Shows initiative, and follows direction well”. Bob upheld that description throughout his entire career with JP Pest Services. Currently owned and operated by the Pestana family’s third generation, Bob was employed by two out of the three generations.

During Bob's gathering, Joe Pestana went on to say this, “I can tell you personally that Bob was one of the people I could always count on - our business was different back when he started. Looking back, it was some pretty ugly work to be honest, but Bob was always right there with you getting the job done. Bob was also trustworthy - long before there was GPS in our vehicles; he was never one I had any issues with. I had plenty of characters to worry about over the years, but Bob was never one of them. He was out there working and taking care of our customers. There were never any incidents of fishing poles hanging out of his trunk or taking a vacation with his company vehicle.”

Over the last 10 years JP Pest Services has been fortunate to achieve quite a bit of growth. The growth prompted owners (and brothers) Joe and Chris Pestana to revamp their company’s mission and vision statements. The updates were created to help employees establish a clear understanding of what the organization sets out to achieve on a daily basis. Joe Pestana noted that as Bob’s retirement celebration approached and he began to prepare a few words, it occurred to him that Bob had always been living and breathing the same vision and mission they had just recently revamped. “His character, integrity, consistency, professionalism, customer service, and keeping the company’s best interest present in all his dealings are just some examples of how he executed our mission and vision. Bob also built lasting relationships with our customers and his fellow JP team members. Bob already knew where our company was going, because he was one of the ones leading the way” said Joe.

It has been a great 37 years for our company with Bob on our team. We’re all sincerely blessed, grateful, and profoundly appreciative for his 37 years of not only exceptional service but also his friendship. Please join us in wishing Bob Amlaw all of the best in his retirement!

Bob Amlaw Retires