Mission Statement

Our vision is to establish JP Pest Services as the benchmark for service professionalism. Our people will lead the way. Service professionalism encompasses appearance, communication and execution of our responsibilities with respect, understanding and thoroughness. At JP Pest Services, our mission is exceptional service. Guided by tradition and integrity, we will earn customer confidence through results that deliver peace of mind. Exceptional service exceeds expectations, where the standards and level of service received surpass what could reasonably be defined as normal or expected.

JP Pest Services History

New England’s Preferred Pest Professionals Since 1925

Approaching nearly a century of service in the New England region, JP Pest Services continues to be family owned and operated, driven to exceed client expectations by delivering the very best service to our area’s homes and businesses.

Proven Professionalism Spanning Three Generations

The Pestana family has been in the pest management industry since 1923 when Portuguese immigrant, J. Justin Pestana, “Jack,” founded J.P. Chemical Company, establishing its headquarters, and home for his family, in Amherst, NH.

Years later, Jack’s son, Justin, studied urban entomology at Purdue University, graduating in 1955. Following his military service, Justin leveraged his education to assist in his family business, eventually taking over the daily operations in the wake of his father's passing in 1964. Officially at the helm, Justin developed a new set of customer standards, employee expectations, and company values, from which the company continues to operate to this day.

Before passing away in 2005, Justin passed the torch to his two sons, Joe and Chris, whose efforts advance the integrity, innovation, and ingenuity of the company founded by their grandfather. A keen eye on the industry and consumer expectations led the two brothers to rebrand J.P. Chemical Company more precisely as JP Pest Services in 2007.

Since then, Joe has continued to serve as acting president of the company, while Chris works as the VP of Sales and Marketing. Furthering the Pestana family’s tradition of hard work, determination, and drive to exceed client expectations, JP Pest Services remains the trusted name in New England for professional pest management solutions.