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A Common New England Pest Problem

Rodents are one of the most common pest problems that homeowners experience here in New England. White footed mice (also known as field mice or deer mice), house mice, Norway rats, and several species of squirrels are abundant throughout the region.

Of all the rodents in New England, mice are the most abundant and have a strong preference for our structures, making them the number-one rodent issue by far. Rats, while far less common, are certainly destructive and very disturbing as a pest. Their populations are growing in urban and rural settings a like.

a mouse feasting away on what looks like dinner preperations

Rodents find their way into homes via small holes or cracks, and sometimes through drains. If they find their new environment warm and cozy enough, they’ll make it their new home. A couple of rodents alone are enough of a problem, but they reproduce quickly and can lead to an even bigger problem within a matter of months! If you see a rodent in your home, it’s important to address the issue quickly.

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Problems Caused By Rodents

Rodent populations often grow rapidly and become very destructive. They carry numerous diseases and pose dangerous health risks for humans, which is why prevention methods and prompt control of existing problems is crucial when dealing with rodent problems. Rodents also leave a large collection of droppings in your house, which can contain Salmonella and other diseases or allergens.

a rat perches over a dish in a kitchen

Our Rodent-Fighting Process

We have developed highly effective rodent control programs over the past nine decades. Locating and sealing all available entry points while putting comprehensive rodent control techniques in place is essential to ongoing effectiveness.

Our staff trainers include Dr. Bobby Corrigan, a well-known industry consultant and author of Rodent Control: A Practical Guide for Pest Management Professionals, and Dr. Gary Nielsen, Staff Entomologist and Director of Training here at JP Pest Services.

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