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Take Back Your Yard This Season

Mosquitoes have always been a nuisance for New England homeowners, often keeping people inside during the nicest months of the year. Take back your yard this season with our mosquito control program.

Protection Against Mosquitoes And Ticks

Our integrated, seasonal control program also safeguards your property from disease-carrying ticks. We combine several control methods together to deliver the most effective results; these methods can reduce mosquito and tick populations by up to 90% all season long.

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Our Mosquito And Tick Fighting Process

We use a synergistic blend of botanical oil extracts (rosemary oil, geraniol, and peppermint oil) combined with synthesized derivatives of naturally occurring pyrethrins found in the Chrysanthemum flower. When used together, these products deliver a fast knockdown plus long-lasting residual control, which is exactly what biting pest problems require for effective results.

Our program includes one treatment every three weeks, typically beginning in May and lasting through October, for an average of 8 applications total. Applications consist of treatments to the established perimeter of the property to control mosquito activity throughout the season. Treatments consist of applications to the foliage on the established perimeter of the yard to control adult mosquito and tick activity throughout the season. Three of the treatments (spring, mid-summer, and fall) provide a dual process that includes a granular application specifically designed to control ticks when they are located in deeper thatch. Other likely areas of habitation on the property will also be treated within the established perimeter as needed.

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