Ask Dr. Gary

Ask Dr. Gary

The Doctor Is In

Have you found something crawling across your countertop or scurrying across your kitchen floor? Do you need help identifying what it is to learn if it poses a threat to you or your home? Our certified entomologist and Director of Training, Dr. Gary Nielsen, offers free pest identification services to the public.

Whether you’re dealing with an insect or a wildlife critter, Dr. Gary is an expert at determining the species of your pest. Once Dr. Gary has identified your pest, JP Pest Services will be ready to develop a solution to remove any infestations and prevent future problems.

Three Ways to Have a Pest Identified

  1. Send a photo of the pest in question directly to Dr. Gary using the form on this page.
  2. Bring your pest to our corporate office located in Milford, New Hampshire, for Dr. Gary to identify in person. Exercise caution here. If you have any concern that the pest is harmful, please contact us immediately for safe identification and removal.
  3. Call Dr. Gary with pest information and details. Identifying pests over the phone is recommended only if you are unable to provide a photo or specimen, as it is difficult to produce an accurate identification without a visual aid.

Bring Us Your Pest

JP Pest Services Corporate Offices
101 Emerson Rd
Milford, NH 03055
8AM – 5PM Monday – Friday
(Closed Saturday and Sunday)

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