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Dangers Of Ants In Your House

If you have ants in your home, it is important to remove them for several reasons.

  1. There could be more than you realize — a presence of ants inside your home may indicate that there is a nest in the frame of your walls.
  2. They love your food — a trail of ants in your house most likely leads to a source of food (probably something sweet).
  3. They multiply quickly — a queen ant can produce thousands of eggs in the course of days, meaning a small problem can quickly grow into a big one.
  4. ants multiply and crawl in the kitchen of a residential home

Our Ant Control Process

We have developed a highly effective ant control process that addresses both known and unknown areas of infestation. Our unique and effective process is based on a combination of decades of experience, the work of many field researchers including research entomologist Richard Cooper, and the definitive information presented by Dr. Laurel Hansen and John Klotz, authors of Carpenter Ants of the United States and Canada and Urban Ants of North America and Europe.

Whenever possible, we aim to treat ant problems directly at the source — the nest. This is the most efficient and proven method of control. Carpenter Ants and Odorous House Ants typically establish multiple nests that will be hidden deep within the inaccessible areas of structures or within nearby elements of the landscape or surrounding wood line of properties.

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Working With Ants’ Natural Behavior For Success

To defeat these nests, we use a combination of baits and other slow-acting insecticides that ants will encounter as they travel while foraging for food. The ants deliver these materials back to the hidden nests, ensuring complete treatment success over time. This treatment method leverages the highly socialized behavior, aggressive foraging activity, and basic biology of this pest to defeat it. In the 89 years we’ve been providing ant removal services in New England homes, our treatment and control methods have never been more effective than they are today.

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