Tick Control in NH and MA

Enjoying the outdoors during spring and summer with your family is wonderful, but it's important to be aware of the presence of ticks.

These tiny creatures lurk in the brush, waiting for a chance to feed, and they pose a significant risk as carriers of various diseases affecting both humans and animals. Among arthropods, ticks are notorious for transmitting a wide range of pathogens. Diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Tick Paralysis can be transmitted through tick bites when they feed on human blood.

Dangers of Having Ticks on your Property

Lyme disease, particularly transmitted by the deer tick (Ixodes scapularis), is a major concern. Symptoms include fever and a characteristic bull's-eye rash. Without prompt treatment, Lyme disease can lead to more severe symptoms such as facial muscle weakness (Bell’s palsy), shooting pains, joint swelling, and arthritis. Some patients may even experience prolonged symptoms known as post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome.

Make the most of your outdoor time while keeping your loved ones protected with JP Pest Services. To learn more about our tick prevention services, call us at 800.222.2908 or request an inspection online today.

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JP Pest Services’s season-long tick prevention treatment

JP Pest Services understands the seriousness of tick-borne illnesses and offers effective tick prevention services. Our season-long tick control treatment creates a protective barrier against ticks, focusing on areas where ticks are commonly found when not actively feeding on hosts. This includes treating perimeter vegetation, overgrown grassy areas, frequently traveled footpaths, and yard borders near forests.

Our Tick Control Process

We use the very best products and materials for our tick control services. While superior products and materials are vital, the thoroughness of application that each of our service professionals demonstrate is what sets our tick control services apart.

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Tick Control with JP Pest Services

JP Pest Services is committed to safeguarding your home and family from the threat of ticks. We offer flexible scheduling and tailored pest control programs designed with your family's safety in mind. To learn more about our preventative tick control services or schedule a free inspection with one of our technicians, click below or call 800.222.2908.

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Don’t Let Ticks Get Comfortable in Your Yard

JP Pest Library

American Dog Tick

American Dog Tick

American dog ticks are found mostly in areas with little or no tree cover, such as fields, forest perimeters, and along walkways and trails. They feed from a variety of hosts such as deer, mice, domestic pets, and humans.

1/16″ – 1/4″ long (before feeding)
Northeastern U.S.
Blacklegged Tick (Deer Tick)

Blacklegged Tick (Deer Tick)

Formerly known as the deer tick, the blacklegged tick is named for its dark legs, which are in contrast to its pale body. During the winter, adult blacklegged ticks feed primarily on the blood of white-tailed deer.

Spring, Summer, Autumn
2.7 mm
Eastern portion of U.S.


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It started out with a mouse problem, then a bat in the attic, then carpenter ants,  then carpenter bees. We have the quarterly service, and I am grateful that you always come so quickly.

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