January 24, 2017 / Commercial Pest Control

5 Effective Methods For Bed Bug Control in Multifamily Housing

5 Effective Methods For Bed Bug Control in Multifamily Housing

Ask any experienced pest control specialist about bed bugs and they’ll probably tell you that bed bugs are the real deal. Amazingly effective at spreading and notoriously difficult to eradicate, bed bugs have been one of the industry’s major nuisances for decades - and that’s despite amazing advances in bed bug eradication methods.

Homeowners, business owners, and property owners everywhere have known what a bed bug infestation can do to a business’ reputation, and that’s why there’s been a massive push to determine which pest control methods work best, and which may not be as effective as originally thought.

Thankfully, after years of dealing with these wide-spread and hardy pests, pest control experts have devised a basic best practices for how to deal with bed bug problems. Many of these basic solutions are still highly effective at preventing bed bugs from spreading, while some more advanced tactics can and should be used to make sure eradication is absolutely complete.

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Here’s a look at what pest control experts know to work best at eradicating a bed bug infestation in your business or multifamily housing:

1. Visual Inspections

While not the most effective method of assessing a bed bug infestation, basic visual inspections still play a hugely important role in most professional pest control strategies today. A professional pest control expert know the signs of bedbugs, even those hiding in the cracks and hard-to-reach places, and can likely educate a building or business owner on just how extensive the problem may be.

2. HEPA Filter Vacuum

In some cases - especially when a bed bug infestation is contained in a single, easy-to-clean area, the solution may be as simple as a thorough, careful vacuum - especially when using a vacuum outfitted with a HEPA-certified filter. This filter will prevent bed bugs, their eggs, and even the allergens they carry with them from becoming airborne and spreading.

This means you or your pest professional can vacuum and remove bed bugs by site, possibly removing the infestation completely with a particularly thorough job. For those looking for pest solutions that avoid the use of chemicals, a reliable vacuum may be just the answer.

3. Laundering and Encasements

If bed bugs have already made it onto your clothes, curtains, or bedding, the infestation has likely reached its height - and the time to wait around is definitely over. While removing the entire bed bug colony may require the work of a professional, there are basic steps you can do to keep the spread at bay - including washing and drying your laundry at the highest heat possible.

This high-heat treatment will kill any bed bugs and their eggs that may be in your linens and clothes - but put those sheets back on your unprotected mattress and you’ll be right back where you started. That’s why many experts recommend Bed Bug Encasements for mattresses, which both prevents new bed bugs from settling into your mattress and allows those bed bugs currently on your mattress to starve and die in just a few days.

4. Steam and Thermal Treatment

Heat kills bed bugs. But while a spin in a hot washing machine may be enough to clear bedding or clothes, many individuals cannot provide the same treatment for their carpets, mattresses, or curtains - and these can all be prime hiding spots for bed bugs. That’s why many pest control experts have started working with heat and steam treatment - a method that’s proven to be both effective and safe.

By using large heaters and air circulators, a pest control expert can raise the temperature in your business, building, or living space high enough - approximately 135 degrees fahrenheit for at least 90 minutes - to kill everything from mature adults to unhatched eggs. This method is natural and, in many cases, highly effective at removing a bed bug infestation completely.

5. Chemical Treatment

When other bed bug control methods just aren’t powerful enough, or when it takes a serious solution to address a serious infestation, your pest control expert will likely turn to the industry standard for eradication: chemical treatment.

The EPA officially recognizes more than 300 products for use against bed bugs, all approved for use around humans and all amazingly effective at eliminating a bed bug infestation. Talk with your pest control expert about the right solution for your situation - chances are, chemical treatment may just offer the most thorough and reliable results.

JP Pest Services Knows How To Handle Bed Bugs

Every bed bug infestation is unique - each building has its own layout, its own hiding places, and its own limits as to which method will work best. Determining which solution will remove your bed bug problem most effectively and efficiently will likely take the experienced eye of a professional.

If you’re facing a bed bug infestation in your multi-family building, business, or home, get in contact with JP Pest Services and discuss your options with one of our experts, who can help determine which control method will work best for your situation. Say goodbye to bed bugs, and hello to happier living conditions.

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