May 14, 2020 / Commercial Pest Control

Back to Work and Finding More Pests? Here’s Why.

Back to Work and Finding More Pests? Here’s Why.

We’ve all been told that most pests, no matter how ferocious they may seem, are actually more afraid of us than we are of them. Rats, mice and even cockroaches and ants would rather steer clear of humans as they search for food or return to their nests, which is why you don’t usually see them in a workplace teeming with employees. So, you may be surprised when everyone goes back to the office to find many pests have literally come out of the woodwork.

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Empty Does Not Equal Unpopulated

Some people think that when a structure sits vacant for an extended period of time there’s no need for any kind of pest control, when actually the exact opposite is true. Without people coming and going to act as a natural deterrent, pests are able to roam freely, searching for food in new places they previously couldn’t get to. 

In vacant buildings, the presence of pests can go undetected for so long that by the time an infestation is discovered it has become an even more serious problem. Once a pest population becomes well established, getting rid of it becomes that much more of a challenge. Not to mention, repairing the extensive damage left by an out-of-control pest problem can get quite costly. 

That’s one of the big reasons pest control was deemed an essential industry during the current COVID-19 pandemic -- not only is it critical for human health and safety to manage pests in homes and businesses that remain open, but temporarily-vacant businesses actually need additional protection while they remain closed.

Houses Are Also at Risk 

Of course, it’s not just businesses that can be affected, but empty homes as well. After the financial crisis of 2008 resulted in a record 3.1 million foreclosures, many properties sat vacant while the economy recovered. This led to a massive uptick in pest problems, as unattended water features attracted mosquitos, overgrown yards became a breeding ground for ticks, rats began to nest undisturbed, and colonies of wasps and hornets thrived.

Once a vacant house becomes a haven for pests in the neighborhood, that puts the other occupied homes at greater risk for infestation, too. Rodents, for example, invade an estimated 21 million US homes every year, and once they establish a population in an empty home, their rapid reproductive rate and habit of burrowing underground to evade detection can help them branch out quickly. 

Be Proactive with Professional Pest Management 

In addition to the pest problems created by vacant homes and businesses, a pandemic, like the one we’re currently experiencing with COVID-19, creates other unique challenges for pest management services. 

Historically, most of the sickness, injury and death that has resulted from pandemics has been due to declining sanitation and hygiene. Let’s also not forget what caused the Bubonic Plague that killed almost a third of Europe in the 14th century: a bacterial infection transmitted by rats and the fleas they carried.

At JP Pest Services, we are tremendously honored to have the opportunity to serve our community through both good times and bad. If your business was affected by the current pandemic with pest damage or infestation, we are here for you. We look forward to helping New England stay healthy and safe, no matter the surrounding circumstances.

Give us a call to discuss how our services can get you back on track in re-opening your business without the added nuisances.

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