February 4, 2019 / Residential Pest Control

Bed Bug Doppelgänger: Meet the Bat Bug

Bed Bug Doppelgänger: Meet the Bat Bug

Like any doppelgänger duo, it is very difficult to tell the difference between a bed bug and a bat bug, especially with the naked eye. It actually takes a professional to accurately identify whether you’re dealing with bed bugs or bat bugs. Part of that process involves the confirming the presence of another pest first… the bat!

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Are Bat Bugs as Bad as Bed Bugs?

Naturally, given the trouble that bed bugs cause in residences and commercial properties alike, spotting a bed bug is always concerning. But, it’s possible you might not be looking at a bed bug after all. Although practically twins in appearance, the bat bug is far less problematic when compared to a bed bug. And, as the name implies, there is another invasive pest that you’ll want to watch for first.

Where There are Bats…

There could be bat bugs. If you have bats roosting in your walls or attic, it’s possible you have bat bugs. Bat bugs feed on bat blood, plain and simple.

Now, you might think that getting rid of the bats would mean that you’ve also eliminated the existence of bat bugs. But, this isn’t necessarily the case. Whether the bats have migrated away from a space on their own, or have been eliminated by a professional pest control service, bat bugs will search for other food sources. Unfortunately, while bat bugs cannot survive without the presence of bats, long-term, they can feed on other warm-blooded hosts.

The good news is that bat bugs are not known to transmit disease to humans. So, the bites they leave are -- at best -- annoyances; at worst, signals that you’ve got at least one pest problem to contend with. Even better news? Bat bug infestations are rather infrequent.

How to Banish Bat Bugs

To start with, if there are any bats still on site, they will need to go. Failure to exclude bats from your property means you may be stuck with bat bugs, too. Although you can always patrol your property for signs of cracks or other access points, it’s best to leave the bat exclusion to your pest control professional.

Once the bats have been removed and any entry points sealed, remaining bat bugs can be controlled at that time. Treating the property with these products without first removing the bats will only provide a very short-term solution to your bat bug problem.

Ultimately, you need to first confirm that you are indeed dealing with bat bugs, rather than bed bugs, which require a completely different pest management solution. Take advantage of our free pest identification service in order to tell the difference between bat bugs and bed bugs.

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