October 1, 2015 / Commercial Pest Control

Common Fall Pests: Know Your Enemies

learn about fall pests in new england

Many people believe that as the weather cools off, most pest populations either die-off or find somewhere quiet to over-winter until next spring. While it’s true that some insects and wildlife are less active during the winter months, many tend to target New England businesses and homes for protection against the cold. Start taking action against an infestation by learning about the kinds of pests that threaten your home or business.

The following are common pests New Englanders may encounter this Fall:

Rats, Mice and Other Rodents

Rodents comprise a very wide range of species, including mice, squirrels, rats, and chipmunks. To them, your building probably seems like the perfect place to take refuge this Fall and Winter. Once inside, these pests will setup house, nesting in the ceilings, walls and basements. Rodents are small and flexible, so they are able to enter buildings through small cracks and holes. They destroy insulation and wiring, and worse, can carry diseases. A small population of rodents can quickly breed, tripling or even quadrupling their numbers in no time.


Whether you call them ladybugs or lady beetles (they’re actually beetles), these red and black insects swarm each Fall. They congregate in large numbers to help protect themselves from the cold, and you’ll find them invading homes and businesses alike across New England. Lady beetles are mainly a nuisance (they aren’t known to carry diseases) to homeowners and businesses. They’re especially problematic for residential homes, where large groups tend to invade during the colder months of the year.


During the warmer months of the year, spiders prefer the outdoors where there are plenty of insects to eat. However, when the temperature starts to drop, they begin seeking warmer places to hole up. Spiders can quickly become a large infestation once they set up shop and start laying eggs. Some species of spiders can cause harm to people, so it’s best to contact a pest control professional to prevent or eliminate an infestation.


If stink bugs enter your home or business this Fall, they will target your food sources, especially fruits and vegetables. These pests are especially bothersome because of the foul odor they released when frightened or crushed. Stink bugs are known to show up in large numbers every year in businesses and homes throughout New England.


Most people tend to think of wasps as a Summer pest, but they’re still active during the colder months. A variety of winged menaces, including bald-faced hornets, paper wasps, and mud daubers, may invade your establishment. Most of these species will set up their homes within the walls of your business, but some prefer different elevations, such as attic spaces or basements. Others build mud tunnels to house their offspring, while some strip wood to build nests.

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Understanding the various pests that can start invading your home or business during the fall and into the winter months is the first step in eliminating the problem. The best option is to work with a licensed pest control expert to provide year-round control, analysis and inspection services. Contact JP Pest Services today for a free commercial consultation for your business or a free residential estimate for your home.