August 25, 2015 / Commercial Pest Control

Effectively Manage Fly Problems in Your Restaurant

Effectively Manage Fly Problems in Your Restaurant

Flies can cause serious issues for your restaurant. An infestation will grow rapidly and can contaminate food items. In severe cases, your restaurant may be closed due to health code violations. But even small infestations can lead to a fine or a loss of customers. Managing flies in a restaurant involves special considerations due to strict industry standards and the presence of food items.

Hire Professional Assistance

The first step to effectively managing flies in your restaurant is to hire professionals. A professional will know the best methods for eliminating flies without exposing you, your employees, your goods, or your customers to harmful substances. Your pest control team will work with you to develop an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan that targets flies as well as other pests. They will also perform an inspection to find the source of any fly problem, identify the types of flies, and provide a plan for eliminating flies from your establishment. Pest management experts will guide you through the necessary steps and offer continued advice.

Train Employees

Make sure that your employees understand why flies are a concern and how to detect a fly issue. Train all new employees on established sanitation procedures and the proper protocol for resolving a possible fly problem.

Keep The Area Clean

The majority of flies prefer moist, warm organic material for feeding and reproducing. To keep flies away, you will need to establish and follow a sanitation program that encourages the removal of water sources and food that can attract flies. The program should work to eliminate odors that may attract flies by removing odor-causing compounds and bacteria.

Another important step for eliminating flies from the interior of your restaurant is to ensure that the exterior is also clean and sanitary. Place dumpsters as far from your building as possible, and ask the refuse management company to regularly rotate and/or clean the dumpster. Check that dumpster lids remains closed, and clean any drains using a biological drain cleaner.

Use Exclusion Methods

Developing an exclusion plan is the safest and most practical method of preventing flies from entering your restaurant. Check the exterior of your restaurant for cracks or crevices, and fill them with caulk. Install weather stripping on windows and doors. If you can, add a set of sliding doors by the outside entrances as an extra barrier to any incoming pests. You can use high-speed fans near the exits and entrances to create air curtains that flies will have difficulty crossing.

Rely On Lights

Light is a form of mechanical control for fly problems. Usually, insect light traps are most effective when placed near entrances such as windows and doors. It is important, however, to place lights in such a way that they cannot be seen from the outside. The goal is not to attract flies into your building, but to ensure those that have already entered your building are immediately drawn to the light source. Your pest management professional can suggest strategic locations for insect light traps, and can aid in installation. Be sure to include areas in your building that are not visible to the general public and customers.

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