May 25, 2020 / New England Pest Control

How Pest Control Continues to Evolve

How Pest Control Continues to Evolve

In 1925, JP Chemical Co. opened its doors and began helping New England residents take control of their pest problems. A lot has changed in the last 95 years – and not just our name. Not only does JP Pest Services have a far more modern ring to it, the way we work has evolved over the years as we’ve adopted the latest, most innovative pest control methods and transformed our business model to remain on the cutting edge of contemporary pest control.

Cardinal Points Guiding Our Momentum

As we’ve grown our business over the last century, we’ve focused on four core areas of development to help us stay ahead of the game.

Product Types

In nature, the name of the game is adaptation, and the same holds true for pest control. Over time, pest species naturally become acclimated to the materials we use to eradicate them, building up resistance and sometimes even immunity against some of our strongest pest control tools. But pest science stays one step ahead, always coming out with new products and updates to old standbys, which we then deploy once they’ve been approved for commercial use.


Not only do pests evolve biologically, but they adapt to our techniques by changing their behavior as well. Unfortunately for them, however, as they get smarter, so do we. Consider the rat: Known for their superior intelligence, rats quickly learn to avoid bait and traps, which means we have to stay two steps ahead. We learn pests’ habits, social structures, dietary preferences and even anatomy and physiology so we can figure out their vulnerabilities and exploit their weaknesses.


If there’s one concern above all in the pest control industry, it’s human health and safety. Not only do we fight the good fight, ridding homes and businesses of pests that can threaten people’s health and wellness, but we keep up with manufacturers as they continue to innovate, producing materials that are both more effective at controlling pest populations and are safer for our customers and employees

Our ant bait, for example, is effective only to species that do not have livers to properly digest the active ingredients. Only small quantities are needed to be fatal to them, and the small amounts used cause no risk to the rest of us (including our kids and pets). 


Gone are the days when just about anyone could pick up a can of insecticide and call themselves a pest control technician. Today, the pest control industry is run by licensed service professionals who are trained to develop cunning strategies, expert skills and a killer intuition (literally) that comes from years of experience and professional development. 

Just like no two homes or businesses are the same, neither are pests. That’s why it’s important to hire a pest control company that you can trust to get the job done right. 

At JP Pest Services, we pride ourselves in providing quality service. To learn more about how we can help, give us a call to speak with one of our customer support specialists.