April 28, 2016 / Seasonal Pest Control

Keep Your Pets Safe This Spring

After a long winter cooped up indoors, nothing beats being able to take your dog outside for a much-deserved walk, or letting your cat have the run of the yard on those lazy summer days. But the mild winter that spared us nor’easters and blizzards isn’t all good news. Pest populations of both animals and insects are expected to be out in force throughout the spring and summer, and that puts you and your pets at risk.

Check for Ticks

Anyone with dogs or outdoor cats knows that once spring has sprung, so do ticks. Making sure to check your animals daily for ticks and other parasites not only helps protect your pets from discomfort and lyme disease, but also prevents them from bringing in unwanted pests to your home and passing them on to you and your family. Pet stores and your veterinarian can offer a wide variety of both preventive measures and tools for dislodging ticks from your animals.


Feed Your Pets Inside

There’s nothing wrong with providing your pets fresh water outdoors while they play, or come back from a long walk. Feeding your pets outdoors, however, can lead to other pests becoming interested in your animal’s food. It’s best to feed your animals indoors, both so that you know their food isn’t contaminated by rodent excrement, and that you can easily clean up after your hungry pet.


Defensive Lawncare

Especially for people with larger yards, or property that abuts wooded areas and wetlands, it can pay dividends all year long to keep your lawn well-maintained. Long grass is home to not only ticks and insects, but also rodents and pests that could harm your pet. Making sure to beat down tall grass and overgrown brush is a good way to ensure your pet isn’t traipsing through tick populations or other wildlife.


Preventive Care

The best way to ensure a problem-free summer for your pet is to call the professionals at JP Pest Services and putting in place a preventive plan that safeguards your property against pests. A visit every few months from a JP Pest Services proffesional can save you the headache and heartache of veterinary bills down the road.

Contact JP Pest Services today and find out how we can help keep you and your pets safe.