July 7, 2016 / Rodents

Rodent Roadways: What Attracts Mice & Other Rodents Onto Your Property?

Rodent Roadways

Nobody wants to hear scampering through the walls or across the floorboards of their home. If you’re under the impression that it’s an isolated issue of one or two rodents, you’re only giving them the time to multiply. An average female house mouse can have as many as 60 pups a year, and the female rat isn’t far behind at an average of 40.

Without prevention, you could have hundreds of rodents gnawing around your home in a matter of months or even weeks. If you’ve ever considered an addition to your home, we can assure you that this isn’t the one you had in mind.

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Tight Squeezes, Huge Problems

Do you remember the quaint little baseboard doorways that Jerry used to slip into to get away from Tom? Well, consider every crack or separation in your home a revolving door for rodents. Once they’ve established a nest, rats will wander up to 300 feet in search of food and mice will seek food and nesting materials as far as 50 feet away. This means that, not only are these rodents comfortable enough in your home to form a nest, they’re willing to traverse your entire home to support it. The mice you think are just occupying an empty attic are most likely heading down to your kitchen for midnight snacks.

Curb Appeal

Outdoor landscaping reflects how welcoming you’d like to portray your home. Things that you may feel add to the curb appeal of your home often do just that for rodents. From double fencing to ivy and other shrubbery, families of pests see opportunity after opportunity to set up nests. Dense shrubbery that spreads close to the ground’s surface provides enough shelter for mice and rats to start burrowing without you ever seeing them. It is difficult to maintain the areas in-between double fences, so your dog-run could be directly adjacent to a rodent’s favorite hallway. Did we mention that rats are incredibly agile? If you have any tree branches that overhang your home within 4 feet, you essentially have a rat’s playground above your head.

Cheese Please

What’s on your plate for dinner tonight? If you don’t keep up with the dishes, then you run the risk of rodents being able to answer that question. Cleanliness is key, as mice and rats will gnaw into garbage and “clean” dishes that have been sitting around. Just like the openings in your home, any containers that hold your food should be sealed tight. If you keep up with these things and still can’t figure out how rodents are surviving in your household, turn to your pets. Don’t worry, it’s not their fault! Rodents like mice and rats will feed off of droppings and, of course, pet food. If you feed your pets near vegetation or other harborage areas, rodents will take a portion for themselves at any given opportunity.

Unhappy Scampers: Drive Rodents Away With JP Pest Services

If you take notice of even one rodent, you need to act fast. JP Pest Services offers highly effective rodent control programs to ensure that your home doesn’t have hundreds of unwanted guests at a time. We will locate and seal all available entry points while putting comprehensive rodent control techniques in place to get rid of these pests for good.

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