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Winter Pests To Watch Out For In New England

Winter Pests To Watch Out For In New England

Summertime is behind us, and winter has arrived - and for most of New England, that means it’s time to settle in and enjoy the holidays. But while the warm weather may be over, the threat of pest infestations may not be - and that’s why it’s critical to keep your eye out for pests even after the snow starts falling.

As New Englanders well know, there are a few common pests who manage to make it through the falling temperatures to become real nuisances during the winter season. Whether they’re hiding out indoors to escape the cold or simply toughing it out until spring, these pests are worth watching out for all winter long.

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As the days get shorter and the air grows colder, we all go running for the indoors looking for warmth, hot food, and an escape from the wind. For rodents, the situation isn’t all that different - and that can cause quite a bit of friction to frustrate homeowners.

Often, mice will come looking for a warm, sheltered nesting place with easy access to food and water. That means that spaces like garages, sheds, garbage areas, basements, and attics are all potential infestation points for cold mice or rats looking to settle in for the winter.

The key to keeping them out: prior preparation with your rodent prevention specialist, who can identify those rodent roadways they’ll use to get inside and block them up before any unwanted visitors come into your home for the holidays.

Bed Bugs

The holiday season is one of the busiest travel times of the year - and while that may be great for getting people all around the country, it’s also a prime chance for bed bugs to make their move and find a new place to set up a nest.

Whether you’ve got travel plans yourself or guests coming to stay for the holiday, the risk for bed bug infestation remains high for anyone getting near public transport, hotels, and other public spaces. And because many infestations may not show themselves immediately, you may not even know you have a problem until the celebrations are over.

In the event of a bed bug outbreak in your home - or for help preventing them from making it inside in the first place - your bed bug professional can help identify the best ways to keep your home free from bed bugs straight through until spring and beyond.

Brown Recluse Spider

Legendary and well-known throughout New England as one of the most toxic spiders out there, the Brown Recluse Spider is just one of the arachnid invaders that homeowners may run into even in the height of winter.

Brown Recluse Spiders are known for making winter homes in quiet, undisturbed spaces, and are especially drawn to areas like cardboard boxes and storage spaces in basements, attics, and garages. It is also not uncommon to discover a spider hiding out in a pair of gloves or other clothing , and so it’s important to check carefully when diving into the basement or the back of the closet for that holiday gear.

In most cases, your pest management professional can help identify these common spider-prone areas and even take action to remove or prevent spiders from setting up webs where they’re not wanted.


Long gone may be the days of sunny afternoons out in front of the barbecue - but even in the middle of winter, flies may still be hanging around looking for a bite to eat.

Often the bane of kitchens and food storage spaces, flies like house flies and cluster flies can continue to live and even thrive indoors during the winter, usually by laying eggs at the end of fall which hatch and begin growing through the colder months. Key indicators can be fly droppings left around windows, buzzing flies around food storage or preparation areas, and even soil stains on walls and in attics where flies tend to congregate.

Your pest prevention specialist can help prevent flies from getting a foothold in your home by working to seal off entry points and eliminate temptations like food, standing water, and warmth where invaders can find them.



The last thing any winter reveler wants to discover is large holes chewed through their favorite holiday sweater. When moths are free to set up nests in your closet or attic, this exact kind of damage may indeed be waiting for you next time you reach inside.

Apart from doing damage to clothes, moths can also be a big disturbance - and can spread quickly once they’ve found a good source of food. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have your pest prevention specialist respond quickly to any moth sightings in your home to remove the problem before it gets worse.

Put The Ho-Ho-Hold On Pest Problems This Winter

Don’t let bugs, pests, and other invaders ruin your holidays this year. The last thing any host or party guest wants to deal with is pest issues during the most wonderful time of the year - and with the right pest prevention strategy, you too can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about pest problems.

Get in touch with JP Pest Services and see just how much our professionals can do to rid your home of pest problems when they do arise, and to keep your home pest-free straight through till spring. After all, ‘tis the season to spread joy - and nothing makes us happier than seeing our neighbors enjoy the holidays with no pests there to spoil the fun.

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