March 7, 2019 / Commercial Pest Control

You're Not the Only One Who Enjoys a Good Glass of Cab

You're Not the Only One Who Enjoys a Good Glass of Cab

The next time your guests raise a glass of red, check to see if a particular pest beat those patrons to the punch. Flies love a good glass of wine almost as much as your customers do, preferring the more aromatic red over white varietals. Of course, your guests don’t want to share their beverages with a fly, or fish one out of their glass after it’s drowned its sorrows.

So... what’s the solution?

Fortunately, you can reduce fly activity in your bar or restaurant by relying on integrated pest management (IPM) initiatives. We’ll take you through a few steps to help you save the grapes for your non-winged guests.

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Shoo, Fly!

There is plenty of research explaining why flies favor red wine. Regardless, the presence of flies in a bar or restaurant is not a good look. According to Daily Kos, “A glass of wine -- especially red wine, which is more aromatic than white -- is irresistible to them. It's like crack cocaine for fruit flies.”

You can break the habit when it comes to this particular fruit fly fetish by following IPM best practices for a more sanitary, fly-free environment. The strategies are simple, based on common-sense and cleanliness -- both of which should already be integral to your restaurant or bar management processes.

Order Up Some IPM

IPM represents strategic integrated pest management solutions combining both proactive (preventive) and reactive pest control strategies for the best defensive combat. With the best use of these modern tactics, there is a lot you can do in your bar or restaurant to protect against aerial attacks during Happy Hour.

IPM is most often a bit of a team effort between you and your friendly neighborhood service professional, so what can you do to help keep la mosca out yourself? Consider the following and evaluate how many you’re currently committed to. The more you can check, the stronger your IPM game...

Routine Trash Removal

Garbage left out too long provides the perfect breeding ground for fruit flies, and securely bagging the trash isn’t necessarily enough if you don’t then dispose of it properly. Go one step further and spray the interior of the trash receptacle clean in order to remove any sticky, sugar-laced spills.

Blast Your Bar Mats

You and your staff stand on these bar mats all day and night, which allows dirt and grime to accumulate, potentially attracting flies. Think of the sugar that can collect on and around the mat surface from a spilled drink... Just another reason to clean these mats thoroughly and on a regular basis.

Dry the Sink and Ice Chest

Flies feed on water as much as wine, but unlike wine, they can’t survive without water. Fun fact: Flies can lay up to 500 eggs at a time if there is enough moisture in a specific area, which is all the more reason to ensure that ice receptacles and water sources like the sink are left clean and as dry as possible by the end of a shift.

“Cover Me,” Said the Bottle

Cover all pour spouts before closing up to ensure that fruit flies can’t get into a bottle, ruining its contents, along with your reputation if you pour more than what’s expected for your next customer.

For the Love of the Fruit

Tasty garnishes are half the fun when it comes to cocktails. But, fruit flies (as indicated by their name) are also fans of fruit -- happy to either eat or lay eggs in them. To avoid donating your citrus slices to another non-paying flying patron, cover any fruit garnish containers securely with plastic wrap, keeping flies from feasting on any after-hours dessert.

Defend Your Drains

Drizzle cleaner or sanitizer down the floor and sink drains at the close of business, covering each drain with a glass, dish towel or saran wrap to keep flies from re-emerging.

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