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Insects Aren't The Only Pests

As seasons change, a number of different wildlife critters will seek shelter in areas of your home. Like insects, these pests can cause a lot of problems. They can harm your home’s foundation, leave disease-ridden droppings, make a lot of noise, and potentially harm one of your loved ones if they feel the need to defend themselves. Fortunately, JP Pest Services knows how to get these unwanted invaders out of your home.

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We Are Wildlife Control Experts

Our Wildlife Control Department specializes in the control and prevention of wildlife pests for residential and commercial properties. Our licensed wildlife technicians provide solutions that are effective, humane, and long lasting. We get pests out in a safe manner, and we make sure they can’t come back.

Prevention Is Key

All JP Pest Services solutions focus heavily on prevention of unwanted wildlife after exclusion is complete. Without proper prevention methods, wildlife pests are likely to re-enter a structure, causing property owners to find themselves back at square one. Our wildlife experts are skilled at identifying and sealing your home’s points of entry to make sure pests can’t get back inside.

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More Than Just Wildlife Control

After a wildlife problem is solved, there is often damage caused by either the animal or during the exclusion process, especially if an animal is removed from a wall void or attic. For this reason, our Wildlife Control Department also provides minor carpentry repairs, chimney caps, attic insulation, and clean-out services. What wildlife problem are you experiencing?

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