July 27, 2022 / Flying Pests

Keep the Mosquitoes Away!

mosquitoes and boy

Aside from the relentless blackflies of spring in New England, mosquitoes rule the warmer summer and fall months and can seriously ruin your party.  JP’s Mosquito and Tick Program will take care of most harboring/resting adult mosquitoes around your property but getting to the egg laying and larval development sites is something you can do.  Here are a few tips to keep the mosquitoes away this summer:

  1. Make sure all window screens are properly fitted and in good condition with no tears.  Mosquitoes will enter buildings through these deficiencies to seek out bloodmeals. 
  2. Make sure all sprinkler heads are operating correctly and not pooling water above or below ground.  Female mosquitoes seek out these places to lay their eggs.
  3. Empty, clean, and refill bird baths at least weekly to prevent mosquito egg laying and larval development.  Bird bath water tends to stagnate after a few days, especially in the summer months.  Mosquitoes require stagnant water sources for egg laying and larval development.
  4. Empty tires that are stored outside or move them to an inside location.  Tire wells make great egg laying and larval development locations for mosquitoes.
  5. Manage and empty water from all garden type potting containers and trays.  If possible, store these materials inside because they are great development locations for mosquitoes when collecting water.
  6. Empty pet bowls left outside will collect water and enable mosquito larvae to develop.  After use, bring inside for storage.
  7. Kids plastic toys, especially sandbox buckets, sand molds, shovels, etc. when used infrequently can turn into a source for mosquito larval development.
  8. Maintain a steady water flow and aeration levels in decorative landscape ponds.  Once the water stagnates due to lack of flow or movement, mosquitoes will make it an egg deposit location.  Within a couple of weeks, thousands of mosquito larvae will be present.  Completely drain ponds that will not be maintained.  Chlorinate decorative landscape ponds that contain no fish, reptiles, and amphibians.
  9. Apply an EPA approved mosquito repellent when outdoors at dusk and dawn or whenever mosquitoes begin to bite.  Always follow the label directions before applying to skin.  Read all warnings before use.
  10. Stored construction materials and protection tarps will collect enough water to allow mosquitoes to develop.  Make sure any material that is holding water, is drained frequently to prevent mosquito development.

These are only a few of the common places that mosquitoes seek around your property for egg laying and larval development.  In as quick as one week, any of the above-mentioned conditions can lead to a yard full of biting mosquitoes!

If you have any questions about the tips shared above or if you’re interested in securing a spot with the professionals at JP Pest for the 2023 mosquito season, please be sure to contact us at 800-222-2908.