August 8, 2019 / Flying Pests

Mosquitoes: The Original Wedding Crashers

Mosquitoes: The Original Wedding Crashers

If you’re planning a wedding this summer or fall, there’s one side of the family you’ll definitely want to keep off the guest list: the insect family. Whether yours will be a formal affair at a lavish outdoor venue, or a close-knit backyard ceremony with just a few loved ones, the number one wedding crasher you’ll want to watch out for is the mosquito.

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An Important Dream Destination Detail

As you’re researching the dreamiest outdoor wedding locations, one question you may want to ask is what kind of insect treatments or repellents the venue employs to protect the wedding party and guests. One of the best answers you can hear? Fans.

Fans that keep the air circulating around the outdoor altar and pews will help keep mosquitoes at bay, but be prepared to carry an extra can of hairspray with you to stand up against the ever-moving air currents.

Next, check the venue grounds for any standing water. If you find any, ask what the venue manager intends to do to get rid of it. Standing water is prime breeding ground for mosquitoes. Proper drainage is crucial to minimizing mosquito populations during warm months.

Pick the Right Blooms

One creative measure you and the venue can take is in your selection of flowers. Some varietals act as natural mosquito repellents, such as citronella, lemon balm, lavender, marigolds and peppermint. Spreading such flowers around the perimeter of the ceremony as well as up on the altar and near guest seating will both beautify the venue as well as repel bugs.

Shore up the Setting

One of the most beautiful places to get married is near bodies of water, such as rivers, lakes and oceans. Unfortunately, however, where there’s water, there’s insects, including mosquitoes. If you choose a venue with a natural water feature, it may be best to time your wedding well before dusk, when the sun is higher in the sky and mosquitoes are less active.

The tradeoff, of course, is that it’s hotter during the day, so your guests may be made uncomfortable in a different way.

Partner with a Pest Control Professional

Finally, perhaps the most effective way for any outdoor wedding hosts to proactively deal with a potential mosquito problem is to hire a pest control professional to spray the area prior to the ceremony. Whether you tie the knot at a public venue or someone’s private property, treating for mosquitoes and other pests few days before the ceremony is the most surefire way to knock down a problem before it gathers strength in numbers.

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