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Roaches: When to Ignore them and When to Call the Pros

Roaches: When to Ignore them and When to Call the Pros

When it comes to cockroaches, you can’t be too careful. If you see one darting under your fridge or scuttling across a baseboard, don’t assume it’s alone. Cockroaches are nocturnal and do their very best to conceal themselves, and for this reason among many others, the sight of one is often cause for concern. When there’s one in plain sight, you can bet plenty of others are hiding close by.

Cockroaches can give people more than just the creeps, although some species, like the wood cockroach, are harmless. Wood roaches are commonly found outdoors in New England, but “they frequently become a household nuisance because they wander into or are carried into houses as ‘accidental invaders.’” Other cockroach species, however, pose sanitation issues and require professional pest management.

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Creepy and Contaminating

The German cockroach, the most common species found in New England, is notorious for giving people the heebie-jeebies. That “freaked out” feeling escalates to a whole new level when you realize cockroaches can actually give much more than that: In fact, cockroaches are responsible for spreading diseases and causing allergic reactions. Research has attributed more than 33 types of bacteria to cockroaches, as well as six parasitic worms and more than seven additional pathogens.

Think about it: cockroaches pick up bacteria on their legs which can then spread to food, food-preparation surfaces, and utensils. When you consider that cockroaches love to hide beneath refrigerators and sinks for moisture sources, you can see how easily these pests can come into contact with food.

Allergens are also associated with cockroaches, and reports of worsened cases of asthma in children have been attributed to cockroach infestations.

Remember, cockroaches are nocturnal and determined to stay out of sight. According to Pest Strategies, “If you see one crawling out of your cupboard or flying across your kitchen, it's a telltale sign that the cockroach infestation has already reached a point where some are forced out of their hiding spots.”

If that doesn’t convince you, consider this: just one single cockroach can produce between 300-400 offspring. In other words, it only takes one to create an infestation. This is why stomping on a rogue cockroach or two isn’t enough to take care of the problem. DIY methods do not support long-term results because cockroaches are able to rebound so quickly. In order to effectively eliminate a cockroach population, you need to call a pest management professional.

Preventative pest management is the key to keeping these scuttling shadow-dwellers away from your appliances and out of your home or business. Whether you suspect the presence of cockroaches or prefer to stay a step ahead of the infestation (recommended!), contact our team for a free quote for professional pest control solutions.

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