May 17, 2016 / Flying Pests

Safely Relocating Honeybees

While they occasionally may  cause some people to cover their heads and run in the opposite direction, the humble honeybee is largely no threat to humans outside of an occasional sting. In fact, honeybees are a staple of ecosystems the world over.

Through their pollen collecting behavior, bees help promote the growth of countless plant species and are critical to agriculture at home and abroad. However, over the past decade, honeybee populations have experienced  a steep decline. This poses problems not just for growers and gardeners, but for consumers who have noticed the sharp spike in the price of honey and other related products at their grocery stores.

Scientists have dubbed the phenomena “Colony Collapse Syndrome,” or CCD, a term coined in 2006 when researchers recorded a drop in beekeeper colonies by 30-90%; a startlingly large amount for a relatively mild winter. CCD is identified by a live queen inhabiting a hive with little to no adult worker bees to tend her or the hive. As workers are the lifeblood of the colony, the nest soon fails, and no new colonies are derived from this initial hive. CCD’s effects on the environment are still being recorded and cataloged , but researchers and scientists agree that the effects could be catastrophic in the long term.

Of course, honeybees can still cause problems for homeowners, especially when a colony is discovered in a wall void or attic of a home. Honeybees can cause immense structural damage, and can render a living space uninhabitable. However, because of their quasi-endangered status, they shouldn’t be treated in the same manner as wasps or hornets. It’s always best to have professionals safely and effectively relocate the bees to ensure the survival of their colony and the well-being of the ecosystem around them.

JP Pest Services offers honeybee relocation services that will not only remove a honeybee hive from your home or business, but will do so in a way that protects the colony and promotes its conservation. JP Pest Services does this by working in conjunction with local beekeepers. Contact the professionals JP Pest Services today and find out how you can preserve your home or business while contributing to a sustainable environment.