March 26, 2018 / Seasonal Pest Control

Save Money By Turning Your Pest Management On Autopilot

Save Money By Turning Your Pest Management On Autopilot

Your home is your castle: a refuge, where you should be able to relax and rest easy. But like any good castle, a home must be protected from invaders - even the ones that are nearly impossible to see.

These invaders, of course, are pests. While you may come home to rest and relax, pests never take a break. That means it’s critical to be vigilant and on-guard against pests year-round - a tough task, and a pricey one for many busy homeowners.

That’s where a good quarterly pest control program comes in, offering a cost-effective way to prevent and remove pest problems before they become a large (and expensive) issue to react to.

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What Exactly Are Quarterly Inspections?

A quality quarterly program does more than just visit for a quick check-in four times a year. Seasonal pest protection that lasts all year long has be just that - seasonal. Each season brings its own unique pests, its own unique conditions, and its own unique problems. Couple that with the problems faced by aging houses and you may just have a recipe for one serious pest problem.

The right quarterly program will thoroughly assess your home’s pest potential during every visit, and will take steps to not only address this season’s pests but will also prepare for and prevent next season’s pests in anticipation. As the weather warms up, pests like flies, bees, and other insects come looking for a place to start a nest; as winter approaches, rodents and other small critters come seeking warmth and shelter from the cold.

By knowing your property’s unique needs, and responding to the coming change of season, your Quarterly Pest professional can help stop infestations long before they ever get a chance to get established - saving you time and money on down the road.

Budgets Love Quarterly Protection

As with most other aspects of life - from car repair, to healthcare, to home maintenance - cost-effective pest control is all about acting proactively, rather than reactively. That’s because it generally costs more to react to a major problem than it does to keep a close watch on infestations and act quickly while they are still small.

Your diligence in keeping an eye on pest problems before they get out of hand will almost definitely equate to long-term savings, especially compared to the cost of simply ignoring problems until they must be addressed. Plus, this doesn’t even account for the long-term savings in property damage, home value, and overall security - because it can be especially hard to put a price on peace of mind.

Those looking to budget effectively and avoid the sudden cost to eliminate an infestation would be wise to simply invest in good, strategic, and regular preventive care.

Save Green While Going Green

One of the great - and often overlooked - benefits of choosing quarterly protection is the greater choice the program may afford you to keep your pest control as “green” as possible.

Many customers looking for pest management services prefer the use of naturally-derived pest protection products or products whose formulation has an enhanced safety profile for people, pets, animals, or the environment while still providing a high level of protection from mice, insects, and other pests.

Because a quarterly program has the time and consistency to find the right solution for your home, it gives homeowners the option to choose new and novel technology to take on pest problems over the long term.

Don’t Wait For Pests To Come To You

The more time you give to let pests find their way into your home and get settled, the more difficult and expensive the elimination process will be in the long term. That’s why we recommend that customers who face recurring or particularly troublesome pests consider a strong quarterly pest prevention strategy. As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

If you’re looking to begin implementing seasonal pest protection for your home, get in touch and get your property protected before the worst of the warm-weather pests arrive. That way, you can be sure your home will continue to be a refuge, not a source of stress.

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