Commercial Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities

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Commercial Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities

Pests Present Unique Challenges to Sensitive Healthcare Environments

Secure confidence from your staff with the knowledge that your facility is backed by a carefully customized and well-executed pest control program.

When it comes to protecting your healthcare facility and the patients entrusted in your care, pest management is not a corner worth cutting.

Nearly 100 Years Managing Pests in Healthcare Facilities

To protect your healthcare facility, the JP Pest commercial pest control experts will inspect your location to address current infestations and prevent future ones.

Our Process Includes

  • Inspection

    We assess and inspect your healthcare facility to create a comprehensive program that addresses both immediate and preventative needs.

  • Implementation

    We will implement control methods to treat affected areas.

  • Prevention

    We will partner with you to establish proactive, preventative solutions and ongoing monitoring to protect your business from pests.

  • Documentation

    We carefully document pest infestations and methods applied with accurate reporting.

The professionally-trained team at JP Pest Services understands the nuances of your business and works to ensure that healthcare industry safety standards are represented in our pest control processes and programs. Ultimately, we deliver the pest control details designed to protect your customers and facility, while satisfying the demands of industry-specific standards.


Dangers of Improper Pest Management

Lackluster pest management comes with a price. The risk of contamination, disease or injury to facility inhabitants and staff can result in legal action and certainly damage to your business’ name and good standing in the community.

It’s not worth risking the wellbeing of those on the ground in your facility, or running your name through the mud because of an infestation or untreated pest problem.

Most Common Pests Faced By Healthcare Facilities

Owing, in part, to the abundance of food found in a healthcare facility, it’s no wonder that the most common pests seen in these environments include cockroaches, flies, and rodents; however there are plenty of others that pose a threat. No matter which one you’ve encountered, JP Pest Services offers customized pest control programs according to the following pest-specific services:

Granted, hospital facilities are breeding grounds for other concerns like occasional pest invaders, not featured on the above-list, as well as mold, which is why we also offer Mold and Surface Sanitation programs.

Our protection programs exceed those listed above, and are developed according to the specific needs of individual facilities. One pest that is consistently observed in healthcare establishments are flies. Hospital fly control is critical and challenging, thanks to the easily available and accessible food sources. JP Pest service technicians are professionally trained to demonstrate effective protection methods and share helpful tips with your staff in order to mitigate this particular pest problem.

We’re Experienced in the Healthcare Industry

When you’ve been trusted by the New England region as long as we have, you make ongoing training, education, and implementation of industry best practices a priority, especially when it comes to pest control for the healthcare industry.

Our team has been trusted for generations to protect the healthcare facilities, patients, and staff who live and work within their walls on a daily basis. It’s an area we take particular pride in and continue to commit our best efforts to supporting our healthcare industry.


The Commercial Pest Control Experts Since 1925

To meet the rigorous regulatory and compliance demands unique to your industry, you need to rely on the premier pest control company in your area. JP Pest Services is quick to customize a plan to meet the specific needs of your business, immediately and long-term. You have enough concerns relative to running your business; pest control shouldn’t be one of them.

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Why choose JP Pest Services?

  • We’re Experienced- For nearly a century, we’ve been committed to solving pest problems from the common to the complex through research and the use of the most advanced products for maximum pest control.
  • Employee training- Our service professionals take part in an industry leading training program led by degreed entomologists with ongoing proficiency testing and advancement training programs.
  • Timely service- we respond quickly to get your property back on track as soon as possible.
  • Accurate Reporting- Our process documents specify the pest issues, the intervention methods used to eliminate the threats and the effectiveness, thereby showing risk to your facility has been mitigated.
  • Trusted Partner – Trusted by New England since 1925, our team of fully licensed and certified professionals are recommended by thousands of satisfied customers.


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J Pest Services has been doing work for my firm, Princeton Properties for many years. Chris and the team have been valued contractor/service providers during that time. This was the first time I used JP for service at my home. We could not be more pleased with the customer service, thorough information provided, and prompt first quality work. thank you, thank you...