Pest Control for Property Managers

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Pest Control for Property Managers

We are an Integral Part of Protecting Your Property Investment

Whether you own a single-income property or your manage a large multi-unit complex, the Property Management Protection Program has you covered. There are unique challenges that multi-unit complexes and condominium properties face when it comes to pest management. Pest issues often prove difficult to pinpoint and control due to shared flooring and walls, and many properties have communal areas such as pool houses, recreation rooms, trash areas, and even hallways within multi-unit complexes that require pest protection.

JP Pest Services understands the importance of being proactive, fast and discreet when it comes to your properties pest management; whether you have multiple locations or a single property, JP Pest Services can provide the exact protection and control services you need to keep you and your tenants satisfied.

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Multi-Resident Property Management

The Property Management Protection Program

Customized to your property-type based on its unique needs and challenges -- We build your plan on an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) foundation.

Protects from the following most-common pests:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Stinging Insects (nests 15' from ground level)

Additional service and programs include:

  • Bed Bugs (control & prevention with bed bug assurance)
  • Fly Control
  • Wildlife Removal
  • Bird Control
  • Seasonal Invaders (lady beetles, stink bugs & more...)

Bed Bug Assurance for Your Property & Tenants

Bed bugs in the multi-residential world are unfortunately nearly-impossible to avoid, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot significantly decrease your chances of an infestation. Managing your property’s risk by staying proactive with your control plan is essential to preventing and minimizing bed bug incidents that impact your bottom line, tenant satisfaction, and reputation.

  • Significantly minimizes the risk of bed bug introductions and infestations
  • Reduces annual pest management expenses vs reactive solutions
  • Decreases rental unit turnover
  • Aids in reputation control, protecting against negative reviews and word of mouth
Multi-Family Bed Bug Assurance

Two Threat Levels:

Multi-Family Bed Bug Introduction

Bed Bug Introduction

is when one or more bed bugs gain entry into your property. Introductions typically occur from the high amounts of traffic in-and-out of hospitality facilities which make ideal scenarios for these hitchhiking pests.

Multi-Family Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bug Infestation

is when bed bugs are present inside of a structure at all life-stages from nymphs to adults.

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The JP Pest Advantage:

  • Fast Response Time

    You have high standards, and we’re here to exceed them by providing our assistance as quickly as possible. Whether it’s by phone or on-site at your facility, we are here to help.

  • Free Staff Education

    To help implement a cohesive IPM program, we offer free education sessions for your staff and teach proper protocols, procedures and IPM strategies: the key to a higher success rate.

  • Tailored Approach

    Our programs ensure that your current pest issues are addressed correctly, while also ensuring that you’re guard is up against any future attacks by identifying the potential for new risks, threats or vulnerabilities in your facility during each on-site consultation.

3 Key Elements of IPM

IPM or Integrated Pest Management is a common sense approach to managing pest control. Professional pest management places importance on the unique needs, possible risk factors and current conditions of a facility (non-chemical solutions are used whenever possible).

Multi-Family Property Inspection

Property Inspection

Multi-Family Pest Identification

Pest Identification

Multi-Family Professional Service

Service by Professionals


Seth A.
Jaffrey, NH

JP pest have been very helpful evicting squirrels from a late 1800's apt building. Craig, the technician was very helpful at explaining the process and taking care of any repairs in a very timely manner. This helps keep the tenants very happy.

Same-Day Emergency Service Requests

Emergency service visits during normal business hours are handled free of charge. Please call (800) 222-2908