January 19, 2024 / Squirrels and Bats

Hearing Noises In Your Walls And Attic?


Nothing quite takes the fun out of a quiet night in as realizing that there are strange noises coming from your walls and attic. Absent of some kind of paranormal activity, hearing noises in your walls and attic usually signals the presence of rodents or other wildlife within your home. Winter is prime time for these pests to seek shelter and nesting spaces, which can result in a real problem for homeowners.

How can you tell what’s hiding behind your walls or what’s responsible for the after-hours activity in the attic? More importantly, what can you do to rid your home of these pests?

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Timing Is Everything

Between the colder months and any easy entry points in the foundation or structure of your home, winter is the season of choice for pests and wildlife to seek warmer shelter indoors. In addition to the season, the time of day or night you hear these noises is also very telling, with respect to the type of wildlife in your walls.

Nocturnal creatures, like rats, mice, and bats are very active at night. So, noticing noises after the sun has gone down is a good indicator that you have a rodent problem. You might hear scratching, rustling, or, in the case of bats, high-pitched squeaking. If a raccoon somehow makes its way into your home, you’ll likely find yourself startled by loud shrieking sounds.

On the other hand, diurnal creatures -- those that are active during the daytime, such as squirrels -- will make noise while the sun is up and this noise could include the same kind of rustling, scratching, and scuttling around that you wouldn’t normally hear coming from your attic or walls.

Depending upon your schedule and the hours you spend at home, you might notice these noises rather quickly, which will help resolve the problem sooner than later. Or, you might be surprised by the number of pests that have nested within your walls as the winter season wears on.

It’s A Numbers Game

No matter how soon you recognize the source of the noises coming from your walls and attic, it’s important to realize that most pests are a package deal. In other words, if you actually see a mouse or rat, chances are, it is not alone. It’s important to remember that even if you see a single creature, especially one like a raccoon, don’t assume that it’s actually your only visitor. The animal might have been looking for shelter in order to build a nest and there could be babies hidden somewhere within your attic space.

Other tell tale signs that you’ve got a potential infestation include droppings, signs of destruction to wires, gnawing on insulation or kitchen items, and a strong odor of urine.

Silencing The Sounds

Given the fact that you might not know for sure what kind of pest you’re dealing with or how many there actually are, it’s always the smartest strategy to leave the pest control to the professionals.

However, prevention is half the battle to keeping unwanted house guests out of your home this winter. So, there are a few things you can do to help protect your home. For instance:

  • Keep clutter at a minimum, especially in spaces like your attic and basement
  • Check your property for cracks in the foundation, siding, and around windows
  • Clear your gutters of debris
  • Cap your chimney
  • Put pet food away in secure plastic or metal bins, with properly-fitting lids and covers
  • Take care to dispose of trash completely and in the right receptacles
  • Make sure bushes and trees are trimmed clear of your house, especially away from the roof and windows
  • Stack firewood well away from the perimeter of your house

If you think you’re hearing noises or strange sounds coming from spaces in your home, like your attic, basement, or within the walls, get in touch with our team of pest control professionals and trust us to take care of your unwanted guests this season.

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