April 11, 2019 / Commercial Pest Control

How Leaky Appliances Can Lead to Pest Issues

How Leaky Appliances Can Lead to Pest Issues

As if a broken appliance doesn’t cause enough trouble, businesses and homeowners need to also worry about potential pest issues. Telltale signs of a faulty appliance often include puddles and condensation forming due to leaks; however, a close second is the presence of pests.

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Moisture is a Menace

Standing water pooling around a refrigerator or dishwasher is a hazard in both a home and a business setting, posing increased risk to a family or employees like the risk of a slip and fall. But, certain types of pests, like flies, are also attracted to standing water. Left unchecked, you could find yourself facing an infestation, adding insult to injury.

What types of pests prefer moisture and what should you look for? In addition to flies, here are five more that flock to water. Consider these five excellent reasons to maintain your appliances and avoid standing water in your home or business.

When there is Water…

… You might also find any of the following five pests:

Carpenter Ants

Leaky appliances, especially on or near hardwood flooring, could eventually attract carpenter ants to your home because these ants seek out wet and/or damaged wood. Typically, carpenter ants gain entry through cracks and holes around doors, windows, wires, and pipes. Carpenter ants excavate through wood, both wet and dry, which could lead to structural damage in your home or business.


Perhaps more than any other pest, the cockroach really likes refrigerators for their dual promise of food and moisture, and a leaky refrigerator is even more attractive. The sight of a cockroach in a kitchen is, of course, unwelcome. However, what many people don’t realize is that cockroaches carry pathogens and allergens, a risk particularly concerning for children with asthma. To date, research has shown that cockroaches have carried at least 33 different types of bacteria, six parasitic worms, and a minimum of seven additional human pathogens. In other words, ingredients you do not want in your kitchen.


Compared to cockroaches and carpenter ants, silverfish are the least of your worries. However, although they are not nearly as menacing as their counterparts, they have been known to contaminate food and damage paper materials. If you manage a commercial kitchen, this could translate as the loss of perishable goods and even paper supplies.


Though they pose no threat to humans and actually assist with keeping other pest populations down, centipedes still give most of us the creeps and really live their best lives outdoors, near other moisture sources. Additionally, because they feed on other pests, the sight of a centipede might suggest that there are other pest populations on-site. Depending on who spotted the centipede, this could be bad for business.


Totally harmless to humans, earwigs are attracted to water and will access it from outdoors via any cracks in a commercial or residential structure. Although they are nocturnal and also feed on other insects, there isn’t any justifiable reason to welcome earwigs into your home or business.

Even if your appliances are in good working order, pests can still make their way into your homes and businesses. That’s why preventative pest control is key.

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