May 25, 2016 / Squirrels and Bats

Keeping Squirrels at Bay

Keeping Squirrels at Bay

Spring has officially sprung, and warmer temperatures bring an increase in wildlife activity. These fluffy-tailed woodland creatures might not seem like they can be a serious pest, but for some homes and businesses, the damage caused by these rodents is very real.

Particularly for gardeners and plant nurseries, squirrels can decimate retail plant products and produce alike, and can cause structural damage due to their nest-building behavior. Here are a few ways to ward off these chattering rodents.

Take Your Pet’s Food Inside

Feeding your pet outside can be a  cause for  a lot of bad behavior on the part of wildlife  showing up uninvited to your property. Squirrels, as well as many other foraging animals, will quite literally leap at the chance to get the crumbs left behind from your pet’s outdoor meal. Especially if you are prone to leaving food out for your dogs or pets all day, this can attract unwanted attention from squirrels.

Be Mindful of Bird Feeders

It’s no secret that squirrels go after low-hanging fruit, and bird feeders are an easy, low-effort target for these pests. Especially for older feeders, or feeders that are not explicitly tamper-proof, it can be very difficult to keep squirrels away from the steady supply of birdseed. In these cases, it’s almost always better to purchase specialized, squirrel-proof feeders from your local home improvement center. By depriving squirrels of an easily accessible food source, you’re discouraging them from getting a foothold in your yard or property.

Inspect Your Home for Outside Damage

Especially if your home is within arm’s length of trees, squirrels might actively seek out shelter under your roof. Older houses are susceptible to having gaps and holes in the molding and flashing that runs along the roofline. If these breaches are not correctly sealed, it’s possible that squirrels will find their way into the walls and attic of your home and bring their families with them. Regular inspections of your home’s exterior are critical to heading off long-term structural damage that squirrels can inflict on your home.

Utilizing Professional Service

Of course, if there is already a population of squirrels lodged in your home, it’s time to turn to the professionals. JP Pest Services offers thorough, humane squirrel and rodent solutions, as well as preventive plans that head off these kinds of issues  before they escalate. Contact our highly qualified Professionals today and find out why JP Pest Services is New England’s leading provider of pest management solutions.