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July 13, 2017

Keep Your Outdoor Weddings Bug-Free This Summer

For happy couples tying the knot all across the country, there’s almost no better time to say “I do” than on a warm summer evening. Between the gorgeous sunsets and the inviting atmosphere, summertime offers some of the most idyllic wedding scenery all year - but it also brings a whole lot of bugs. That can put a serious damper on any special celebration, and businesses working in weddings need to offer a solution.

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June 30, 2017

Summertime Pests Your Business Is Better Off Without

Ahh, summer…

The warm months are the best time of year for people to really enjoy the outdoors, especially in areas like New England where a long winter makes locals especially excited to seize just about every moment in the sun possible. But for businesses owners looking to take advantage of this enthusiasm, outdoor pests can be among the most frustrating obstacles to successful summer evenings.

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June 21, 2017

Keeping Patio Pests Away From Your Business This Summer

Warm nights and sunny days make the perfect setting for outdoor seating, and businesses know it. Whether your customers are basking in the sunshine all day or gathered around a campfire in the evening, the patio often becomes a much-beloved gathering point for many summer evenings - and that’s why the presence of pests near your patio can pose a serious problems for your summer fun.

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May 31, 2017

Roaches Don't Tip: How To Keep Roaches Out of Your Restaurant

It’s one of the many stresses that a restaurant owner fears, and it happens in kitchens around the country almost on the daily: a single cockroach scurries across the floor as soon as the lights flick on in the morning.

Although the old saying warns that if there’s one there’s probably a hundred, for a restaurant the amount of roaches can almost be a moot point - it only takes one to cause a significant negative impact. Roaches can spread filth and disease into food sources and onto cooking surfaces, and their droppings and decomposing bodies can spread allergens that can make guests sick and trigger asthma symptoms. Plus, a roach problem is a surefire way to catch the attention of the Health Inspector, or a bad online review that could very well be fatal for your establishment.

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May 23, 2017

Local Field Guide To Ants In New England: House, Carpenter, Fire, & More

If you’ve ever come home to a nice long line of ants marching around your kitchen, chances are you know just how frustrating these household invaders can be. Whether they’re stealing sugar and other snacks or making a nest in your wall, ants can be a seriously destructive - and disgusting - pest to have around.

But while many of the most common ant species may appear very similar or behave in similar ways at first glance, there are actually hundreds of types of ants out there waiting to get into your home and make themselves comfortable. By knowing some of the most common varieties you’re likely to encounter, you can target the problem with the proper solution from the very beginning - putting you one step closer to ant-free living all summer long.

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