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December 22, 2016

Turning Up the Heat on Bed Bugs in Hotels and Apartment Units

For bed bugs, the numerous hiding spots in hotels, apartment buildings, and college dorms can be simply too inviting to pass up. All those nooks and crannies, combined with a healthy amount of residents there for “company”, make these multi-unit buildings a prime location for a bed bug infestation to dig in - meaning headaches for residents and an unwanted expenditure for the landlord.

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December 14, 2016

Don’t Let Pantry Pests Into Your Gingerbread House

Calling all holiday construction workers! It’s almost time for you and your family to put on your Santa hats and start building a gingerbread dream home. Every frosted job site in New England starts with the same foundational ingredients, and most homes already have them stocked in the pantry. Just like any other construction project, the best advice to follow is to measure twice! Baking is truly an artform, but even the most inexperienced bakers will notice these unwanted ingredients in their measuring cups.

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December 2, 2016

The Nice List: Make Sure Your College Students Aren't Bringing Home Bed Bugs For Winter Break

It’s almost gift-giving season! For parents of college students, this season generally means that they’ll be getting collegiate apparel, stickers, and stuffed versions of various school mascots. Though stuffed Black Bears from the University of Maine or Wildcats from the University of New Hampshire may be welcomed newcomers to the family, there is one school mascot lurking in dorm rooms that nobody should be bringing home for break.

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November 16, 2016

Life On Planet Earthworm: Where Those Annoying Swarms of Cluster Flies Really Start

One of the most common misconceptions about insects, particularly flies, is that they only have to be dealt with during the warmer months of the spring and summer. Any New Englander who knows the struggle of a bout with cluster flies would gladly confirm that this is a misconception. Cluster flies, the larger, lazier incarnations of common houseflies, get their name from an instinctual tendency to huddle together. The predominant reason behind these flies swarming inside of homes is the same reason that they cluster: to seek warmth.

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November 3, 2016

Don’t Cross The Line: New England’s Illegal Transportation Problem

Have you broken the law lately? If you’ve brought firewood across state lines, the answer is yes. Don’t worry, there isn’t an underground firewood trafficking ring devastating New England’s trees that we’re accusing you of orchestrating. The problem actually revolves around those that are uneducated on the truly adverse effects of out-of-state firewood. In fact, it’s not about the wood at all.

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