September 27, 2022 / Community Involvement

Community Is Core To JP Pest Services

jp oktoberfest 5k

At JP Pest Services, our community is very important to us and has been for nearly 100 years. The people of JP have watched the areas they service grow since 1925. All along, our people have maintained a deep connection to the communities they serve and contributed to their growth from Littleton, NH to White River Junction, VT, throughout the Winnipesaukee region and across to the Seacoasts of Maine and NH, and down through the Boston metropolitan area and most of Massachusetts. Not only do these communities represent where most of our business opportunities occur, they are also the places our 200+ colleagues call home.

JP Pest Services is as local as any other business within the New England area. We are centered in Milford, NH and considered one of the largest employers of residents from the surrounding communities of Peterborough, Wilton, Hollis, Brookline, Mont Vernon, Amherst, Merrimack, Bedford, Manchester, and more.  We provide career opportunities for your friends, family, and neighbors beyond the Southern Valley of NH and all throughout NH, VT, ME, and MA. JP continues to follow a long-standing tradition of promotions from within, so most of our management staff began at the entry-level and now manage JP. 

We have physical locations in White River Junction, VT, Meredith, NH, Exeter, NH, Milford, NH, and Marlborough, MA. Our people associated with these local offices live nearby within the many communities that surround those locations. This is the way JP services our customers, with local people who live in the same towns as you do. 

Creating meaningful connections and communications with our customers are keys to our success. That is why JP invested in developing the most caring and professional Customer Service Center where our customers get to speak to real people who are highly skilled in customer care and industry knowledge to help them find the best pest solutions. JP invests in our people to ensure they understand our customers' needs and share a sense of urgency to manage all requests efficiently and effectively. The Customer Service Team consist of about 30 dedicated people who love working with the JP customer community, both new and existing customers. 

I am writing to you to inform you of the exceptional service that Kelsee has provided me. I am sure you are aware of her professionalism, her superior customer service skills, her kindness, and her patience. Too often customers reach out to complain about poor service, but when I receive exceptional customer service by an employee who has gone above and beyond, I feel as if it warrants my time to make sure I commend such an individual. Kelsee is an asset, as her actions are a reflection of your company. Please celebrate her as an employee, as it is hard to find such stellar individuals. – Colleen W.

The one galvanizing concept all people at JP share is our Greater Purpose.  Our greater purpose looks beyond the normal day to day business practices and focuses on the communities we serve throughout New England.  So, when we ask ourselves, “Why do we do what we do?”, our answer is We live and work in communities we care deeply about.  Our focus is on protecting the welfare of our neighbors, their health, property, and businesses.  We encapsulate this concept by educating all JP colleagues that our end goal with every customer we engage is to provide them with peace of mind and an improved quality of life through the services we perform.

While we are far from perfect, the people we hire and retain understand our greater purpose, and it provides enhanced meaning to the work they perform.  Our people love solving the simplest to most complex pest problems for our customers.  Our customers love the service they receive from our people at all levels.  The truest form of validation is when it is spoken by the customers and not by management. 

Everyone that has come to our home, as well as everyone I have spoken to on the phone, has given me a positive experience. I absolutely love dealing with JP Pest! A premium price is worth it for premium service! – Mr. O’Brien

At JP, we have served and continue to serve tens of thousands of customers every year since 1925.  We grow because our people truly care about the work they do, and they genuinely care about the welfare of our customers.  When our people are driven by the greater purpose over all other factors in business, our customers become the true beneficiaries of this mindset and they are happy to tell us and others about their JP experiences.

Besides our Great People, JP invests in activities and events that serve the greater good of the communities we serve.  Over the years, the list of community contributions is lengthy, and we continue to refine and expand our community outreach including education on many fronts, support of fun events, support of recreation sites, support of community improvement activities, etc.  JP continues to support non-profits such as the Boys & Girls Club, Rails-to-Trails, Area Food Banks, college scholarships for local high school students, etc.  Some of the upcoming community events we sponsor include:

·       30th Annual Alumni Pinkerton Golf Tournament, September 30th in Derry, NH
·       JP Pest Services Oktoberfest 5k, October 8th in Manchester, NH
·       Milford Pumpkin Festival, October 7-9 in Milford, NH
·       Turkey Trot 5k, November 26th in Amherst, NH

By doing business with JP, you are supporting your local community in many ways.  We greatly appreciate our customers and sincerely thank them for providing each of us with an opportunity to execute on our greater purpose of providing peace of mind and improving the quality of life throughout the communities we serve!