February 13, 2017 / Commercial Pest Control

Don't Let Mold Make Your Restaurant Fail Inspection

Don't Let Mold Make Your Restaurant Fail Inspection

Mold makes for a seriously unwelcome visitor in just about any workplace - but for those working behind the scenes at a restaurant or food-service establishment, mold can be an especially troubling ordeal.

That’s because mold can be difficult to remove, and dangerous around food - and for a high-volume restaurant, keeping food quarantined can be a near-impossibility.

If your restaurant has recently come to discover mold hanging around where it shouldn’t be, you may be feeling panicked - and you’d be right to assume that time is of the essence. But the reality is that with the help of a mold control expert, the worst effects of mold are manageable and even reversible, meaning you’ll be able to take on that next inspection without having to worry about failure.

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What Causes Mold In A Restaurant?

Even though a restaurant is one of the worst places for mold to show up, restaurants are nevertheless prime real estate for mold looking to make itself at home.

Mold thrives wherever it can find its most basic needs: a moist, low light, and relatively undisturbed space to grow. Restaurants often feature damp and relatively untouched areas - like under the sink, behind the fridge, or above the ceiling tiles - which can accumulate mold without attracting much attention.

For restaurant owners and managers, it can be easy to focus most of your efforts on keeping the front of the house clean - that’s the area seen by customers. You may also focus plenty of attention on the kitchen, making sure everything is compliant with health codes and clean for proper service. But for those who fail to check those hidden spaces, it can be easy to miss an enormous mold takeover.

What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

Illness caused by exposure to black mold and other types of mold is a major issue, with symptoms ranging from skin and eye irritation after short-term exposure to lung damage, bronchitis, and even cancer if exposed long-term.

These dangers are compounded when mold is found in a restaurant, as the spores released from dried or disturbed pockets of mold can find their way onto food - and then into customers. This can facilitate the spread of sickness from mold exposure to your customers, which can seriously endanger lives and will almost certainly cost your restaurant’s reputation.

Making your customers sick as a result of food coming in contact with mold spores can result in everything from heavy fines to a complete shutdown of your establishment - meaning mold is not something your restaurant should take lightly.

So What Can A Restaurant Owner Do?

Mold is a notoriously determined foe for any restaurant owner to face, and it’s certainly not a task to take on alone. Disturbing a pocket of mold on your own or trying to remove it without proper equipment can actually make the problem worse, often releasing thousands of spores into the air to simply find a home somewhere else - not to mention sicken everyone in the area at the time.

The first step in any mold remediation effort is proper inspection to assess how extensively the mold has spread. This can start off with a quick visual inspection, especially in damp or humid areas typically out of sight - basements, ceilings, vents, etc. If you do notice black mold accumulating in one or more of these places, it’s probably best to have an expert come and give a professional assessment to determine the extent of the growth.

Mold Removal Is Serious Business

Removing mold can be a tricky and dangerous job, and it’s really a task best left to a mold control expert. At JP Pest Services, our mold control professionals can provide advanced treatment, remediation, and prevention to make sure black mold can’t keep a foothold in your restaurant, even in spaces unseen.

We can fully contain the area, undertaking demolition and cleaning as necessary and using HEPA filtered air scrubbers to keep spores from spreading. Plus, after treating and cleaning the affected area, we can even install proper dehumidification to help make sure mold can’t come back.

Don’t let mold be the fatal ingredient that ruins all your hard work in the restaurant industry. Take action today, and take on mold before it does serious damage to your business.

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