April 7, 2021 / Our Crew

Employee Spotlight: Steven Powell

Employee Spotlight: Steven Powell

Whether we service your home or business, there’s a good chance you may have seen Steven dusting for wasps or re-baiting the mouse traps. You’d probably recognize him from the smile on his face and can-do attitude, which made him an incredible asset in 2020 when the going got rough. While most of our service professionals traditionally specialize in performing services in either homes or businesses, we had to get creative last year while managing the unprecedented waters of the pandemic. Steven was one of the first to step up to the plate to cross-train, ready to take on the challenge of learning the “new language” of residential services in order to better serve all of our customers. Not only did he excel in this new service department, but he started training other teammates to do the same, making sure that no one left any rock unturned. We are proud to have such an outstanding professional on our team that leads through example and prioritizes the needs of each and every customer.

Position: Commercial Service Professional

Community Served: Central New Hampshire

Based in: Meredith, NH

Now Let’s Hear from Steven!

What is your most memorable experience on the job since starting with JP Pest Services?

My most memorable experience would be removing a bald-faced hornet nest located 30 feet off the ground, which required an aerial lift to access. The nest was attached to a window of an assisted living facility building, so the residents had a safe front row seat to watch the show. The trick was to treat the nest without getting the hornets upset. If the hornets were to become aggressive my options were limited, so I came dressed in heavy layers, just in case I needed them. Luckily I was able to treat and remove the nest without incident, and the residents gave me a round of applause when I finished!

What is your favorite part about being on the JP Pest Services team?

My favorite of being part of the JP Team is the support that we all give each other. When I first started at JP Pest Services, I relied on my team members every time I had questions about different pests and how to provide the best service to my new customers. Now after three years under my belt, I have the privilege of offering the same help to the newer members on my team. I like that everyone is happy to help each other out. Working on our own most days can feel a bit lonely at times, but knowing you have co-workers willing to help gives me more confidence each and every day.

What is the coolest pest you’ve seen on the job?

Servicing businesses day-in and day-out means that most pests become common, but every once in a while a pest will take you by surprise. Whether it's a snake or ermine in an exterior bait station, or a surprise hornet’s nest around the corner of a building at eye-level. Being ready for anything and knowing your surroundings is the best way to prepare for these situations, since nature and pest control can be unpredictable!