November 10, 2020 / Our Crew

Meet Dr. Gary

Meet Dr. Gary

When a company is around for nearly a century, there are bound to be some changes that happen as the business evolves with the times. In the case of JP Pest Services, the last twenty years have brought radical advancement to the company as a whole, reflecting the same timeline as when Gary joined the team in 2001. If you look closely, it’s easy to recognize that this is far from coincidence.

Back in the early days of the new millennium, Gary found himself at a crossroads in his career: Though he had previously been using his Botany & Entomology degrees to teach related courses at Dartmouth University (among others), he and his wife decided that it was time for a change. This brought their family of five down to southern New Hampshire, to a little town just east of Peterborough and an acclaimed, local Waldorf school for their kids to continue their education. While they loved the new school and quiet, rural setting, Gary was not ignorant of the fact that they would no longer be in commutable distance of a university with a reputable Botany Department. For this reason, Gary decided to branch out and explore other career options within the realms of his specialty. 

In his search, Gary found an opening as a seasonal pest management position at JP Pest Services. While not originally a career path on his radar, he quickly fell in love with the service and customer education aspects of the job. He soon realized that his values aligned with JP Pest Services’ mission and vision, given their great respect for nature and their educational focus, which are not principles often found in pest control companies. Now, after nearly twenty years of employment (and counting), this can probably go on record as the longest-standing “seasonal” position that JP Pest Services has ever offered.

In the two decades since Gary was hired, his role transitioned from serving his few customers directly to serving all of JP’s customers from behind the scenes when he became the company’s first Director of Training. As the company grew to over two hundred employees, this role became more focused, as he was soon able to delegate many of his ‘hats’ so that he could put more of this time and energy into providing the best education to his students. However, the heart of his responsibilities remained constant: Prepare, train, and educate all employees (new and veteran) in the most current, effective and thorough methods of responsible pest management. 

In other words: Gary’s job is to teach all team members to give the absolute best service possible to each and every one of our customers.

While certainly a massive investment of time and energy, these efforts have paid huge dividends. By formalizing this initial instruction, all new technicians (which we now appropriately term “service professionals”) must complete his intensive service training as soon as they’re hired. In this way, JP Pest Services is able to ensure that all employees performing pest services are empowered with the knowledge and resources to effectively and safely perform every pest treatment. This Ivy-League-level of education can be witnessed during each and every service that is performed at every home and business that we have the privilege of serving, thanks to Dr. Gary.

While Gary is no longer providing services directly, you can be certain that his passion and spirit are embedded into each and every service performed by our hundreds of well-trained, incredible staff members. Meanwhile, for our customers that want to witness the passion at its source, Gary himself is always available for anyone needing an insect (or arachnid!) identified by a degreed and certified entomologist. He is the true face of our “Ask Dr. Gary” website page, as well as many face-to-face encounters back in the days when masks were considered an eccentric facial accessory, prior to the days of social distancing and solicited nose swabs. But until the facial coverings can be placed in the history books, Gary can be safely reached at @email with any pest inquiries, messages of gratitude, or winning lottery ticket numbers - he gladly accepts any of the three!