April 7, 2021 / Our Crew

Meet the Author: Scott Dillon

Meet the Author: Scott Dillon

Over fifteen years ago, JP Pest Services adopted one of New England’s finest wildlife control experts. Since then, Scott not only started and grew our Wildlife Division from scratch, but also hired and trained all of the wildlife professionals that we know and love today. 

Position: Wildlife Department Manager

Community Served: New England

In addition to his vision to help people, Scott also wanted to help the animals in the process. By crafting our wildlife exclusion services with both the customer and the animals in mind, we are able to not only perform effective evictions, but perform them in a way that is safe and encourages the wildlife back into their natural habitat, permitting state regulations. These efforts also perfectly coincide with our bat conservation efforts.

Today, Scott is still a very active part of the JP Wildlife Team, leading his pack and continuously teaching new techniques and skills to ensure that all of our customers are receiving the best possible service. You can even find him on-site during particularly tricky jobs that need an expert’s eye, and he’s always ready to get his hands dirty. We couldn’t ask for a better leader in the Wildlife Department!