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Moles, Voles, and Other Enemies to Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to keeping your landscaping lush and healthy for the summer ahead, the challenge lies in effective pest control - and not just for insects. Year after year, landowners and businesses deal with damage done by moles, voles, and other burrowers, and the path of destruction they leave in their wake can leave your lawn looking more scarred than the surface of the moon.

That’s why it always helps to have a comprehensive plan to deal with subterranean invaders before they get comfortable around your property. Knowing your enemy helps determine the best course of action - and, possibly, prevent moles and other pests from even stopping by to begin with.

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It All Starts With A Bite To Eat

Like most other second-level pests, burrowers like moles, voles, and gophers tend to be attracted by food. In this case, that food can change based on which animal you’re dealing with, tha that can be your first clue as to how you should take on getting this pest away from your property.

Moles: Industrious Insectivores

Although often blamed for damage to plants in landscapes across the country, moles aren’t really the culprits here. While a mole infestation can still do damage to your plants in the long run, it tends to be fairly limited to the physical damage done by digging so close to the bark or root.

Moles are more interested in the bugs and worms around the soil than in the actual plants themselves, and they love to eat anything from grubs and insects to earthworms. The more bugs that can be found in your soil, the more likely you’ll have a few underground guests before too long. And if your property is in close to any fields or touches a tree line, moles may be more likely to tunnel and burrow across your property in search of a decent snack.

Voles and Gophers: “Root”-ing Around For A Hidden Lunch

Despite being similar in size and shape to moles, other burrowing pests like voles and gophers keep their diets pretty strictly vegetarian - and treats like your favorite shrub, ornamental bushes, and root vegetables in the ground might just be too good for one of these pests to pass up.

Farmers know the pains of gopher and vole infestations all too well, and the full extent of the damage to crops and other plants may not even fully reveal themselves until harvest time comes (or fails to come) around.

Keeping Moles and Other Pests Away From Your Business

Maintaining professional-quality landscaping around your business is tough enough without having burrowers to contend with, and keeping them away from your property actually doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Discourage Visits By Cutting The Food Supply

Knowing what moles, voles, gophers, and other pests like to eat, and what draws them to set up shop on a specific property, can be a powerful advantage. Limiting the amount of insects available for a mole to chow down on, for example, discourages moles from showing up looking for a snack. That way, proper pest control on the insect level can actually have an extended effect further up the food chain and keep a mole’s temptation to burrow under your property at a minimum.

Likewise, keeping plant-eaters like voles and gophers at bay can be a bit tougher, especially when root vegetables and other subterranean crops are on their food radar. For growers looking to keep these pests away, some protections like chicken wire buried to protect plants from tunneling or loose gravel to make reaching roots tough can actually help keep the feasting to a minimum.

Allow The Food Chain To Take Its Course

When cutting off the food supply to moles, voles, and gophers isn’t doing the job, the right solution may just be to turn the problem around completely: rather than trying to limit these pests’ food supply, why not make the pests themselves into a food supply for something else?

Birds of prey like hawks and owls feed on small rodents like these burrowers fairly consistently, and planting trees around your property can actually encourage nest building for some of these predators. While having birds of prey swooping around for food definitely isn’t the right solution for every business and can be dangerous if not controlled, the presence of these fearsome hunters can be warning enough to keep pests from wanting to set up a home.

For Humane Solutions, Call A Pest Management Expert

Nature can be a cruel place, and using lethal force to take out common pests can sometimes be more than a property owner can handle. And since so many of the traditional mole, vole, and gopher control solutions can be messy and downright inhumane, it may just be worthwhile to call in a pest professional to handle the situation cleanly, safely, and without causing undue harm or suffering in the process.

Luckily, our JP Pest Services Wildlife Control Department utilizes proven and effective methods for controlling burrowing pests on both residential and commercial properties throughout the Northeast. Our professionally trained wildlife technicians can accurately pinpoint any pest activity and craft a strategy to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. That way, you can get back to business knowing your property is mole-free and ready for what’s next.

Don’t Let These Diggers Ruin Your Spring Thaw

Watching the plants spring back up and the grass turn green again is one of the iconic joys of spring - and few things ruin that feeling more than seeing tunnels pop up to scar your yard thanks to an unwanted guest just beneath the soil. Get in touch with JP Pest Services today and get your property mole-, vole-, and gopher-free for the summer ahead, before it’s too late.

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