Bat Exclusion Blackout

Attention, New England homeowners! Bat roosting season is almost upon us and your attic is prime real estate for the little brown and big brown bat species to roost and raise their pups. Before your attic becomes a bat maternity colony, opt for professional bat exclusion services to get and keep bats out of your home, all year long.

Rally Against Roosting Season

Starting in late May and continuing through August, bat roosting season represents the time bats spend looking for and finding places to shelter and raise their young. These months see warmer temperatures in New England, with heat rising into cozy spaces like your home’s attic. The warmth, combined with the secluded nature of attic spaces, makes them ideal roosting spots for little brown bat and big brown bat species.

Although you might not want bats in your home, the fact is that bats are critically important to our ecosystem and must be protected. At JP Pest Services, we realize that bats are integral to mosquito control and pollination processes. For that reason, conservation is a top priority when it comes to professional bat exclusion and prevention, second only to keeping you and your home safe.

With the use of one-way excluder doors, our team is able to get bats out of your home safely and stop them from re-entering without causing any harm to the bats; however, it’s important to act now before roosting season begins. Removing bats during roosting season can result in separating the bats from their pups, which cannot survive on their own. Of course, doing so fails to support bat conservation efforts, which is why we schedule bat exclusion services before roosting season begins and will not perform any exclusion services on maternity colonies during birthing season.

Be proactive to avoid any issues during the upcoming bat roosting season. Now is the best time to get a free estimate and schedule professional bat exclusion services for your home.