April 26, 2016 / Seasonal Pest Control

Pests that Pose Threats to Gardens

For established green thumbs and aspiring gardeners alike, nothing is worse than dedicating hours of your hard work to your home’s garden, only to have your efforts ruined by pests. Be it the work of rodents or harmful insects and bugs, having your garden ravaged by intrusive pests can be a bad start to the growing season. Here’s a short list of culprits to keep an eye out for as you start ramping up your garden for the spring.


While mostly harmless to humans, squirrels have been known to decimate gardens and other crops if their population is particularly high near your home. This primarily comes from their drive to seek out seeds, and nibble on fruit that’s growing on the vine. Anyone who’s grown tomatoes can attest to the tiny bite marks on their ripening produce and seedlings dug up and chewed on.

Japanese Leaf Beetle

It’s easy to spot damage from this invasive species of beetle. Leaves featuring a myriad of tiny holes chewed between their veins are a surefire sign of the Japanese Leaf Beetle. If not addressed early enough, this species can wreak havoc on unprepared gardeners and growers. In their larval form, they also prefer feeding on the roots of trees, while adults go for leafy vegetation.

Stink Bugs

In addition to their off-putting smell if crushed or disturbed, this invasive species of bug also feeds on leaves and fruit. While they’re most active in the fall, stink bugs hibernate during the winter and emerge in the spring, making headaches for farmers and hobby gardeners alike.

Colorado Potato Beetle

This black and orange invader can cause no end of problems for gardeners and aspiring horticulturalists alike. This beetle reproduces very quickly, spawning one to three generations per year. This is bad news for your leafy plants, which serve as the food source for larval forms of this pest.

If you and your garden are on the receiving end at the hands of backyard invaders, make sure to contact the experts at JP Pest Control. With solutions for both one-time infestations and long-term preventive care, you can trust us to provide you top-quality service. Contact us today and safeguard your yard.